The Doctors: How Pink Acne Can Affect Your Health


The Doctors: Pink Acne

Today’s show was all about how the color pink can affect your health. Dr. Travis Stork introduced Dr. Andrew Ordon, who was in the procedure room with dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban and her patient, Alex.

Alex has had hormonal acne since she was a teenager. She breaks out and is left with pink acne scars.


The Doctors: How Pink Acne Can Affect Your Health

Dr. Ava Shamban talked about the causes and treatment of pink scars from adult acne.

The Doctors: Why Acne Scars Are Pink

Dr. Ava Shamban said that this is very common with adult acne. Pink papules or bumps can last for weeks or develop into scars.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that they are pink because they’re going through the normal healing process because it’s inflamed.


Fraxel Laser: Pink Adult Acne Scars Treatment

Dr. Ava Shamban treated the problem with a Fraxel laser. This would not only target the pink color, but stimulate better collagen to fill in and smooth out the indentations. The device is the latest in laser technology, and it gets down to the level of the skin where the scar forms.

Some redness may occur after treatment, but this is normal. Dr. Ava Shamban said the redder your acne is, the more likely you are to scar. She said that Alex would need three to five treatments, in addition to an at home skin care program.

The Doctors: Claro Portable Acne Clearing Device

There is an at home product you can use to achieve similar results. It is called the Claro Portable Acne Clearing Device. Dr. Ava Shamban explained that it is not a laser, but an intense pulse light device.

It helps treat acne before it becomes red or develops a scar. It works by reducing inflammation and killing bacteria. It is preventative when used twice daily.

Dr. Travis Stork said everyone in the studio audience would receive a free Claro device. You can click here to purchase your own Claro Acne Clearing Device.


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