The Doctors: How Oversleeping, Early Retirement Can Shorten Life Span


The Doctors: Shocking Secrets From The Dead

The Doctors discussed things you’re doing that could be shortening your life, without you even realizing it! They revealed some pretty shocking secrets from the dead, including information on bra size, early retirement and much more.

The Drs: Black Cars Are 47% More Likely To Have Accidents

The Doctors: How Oversleeping, Early Retirement Can Shorten Life Span

Could oversleeping be shortening your life span? Find out the answer to this and other important questions from The Doctors.


Did you know that black cars are 47% more likely to have accidents? Like Dr. Travis Stork, I would have thought red, since it’s a much flashier color. If you drive a black car, you may want to make an appointment for a paint job!

The Drs TV: Oversleeping Leads To Shorter Life Span

Here’s some unfortunate news for those of us who love getting our beauty sleep. A six-year study done by the University of California found that people who slept more than eight hours per night actually died younger than people who slept six-seven hours. Additionally, oversleeping can lead to higher risks of diabetes and obesity. Looks like I’ll be setting my alarm to an earlier time from now on.

The Doctors: Early Retirement Can Shorten Your Life

Similary, Dr. Andrew Ordon shared news on a study that followed two groups of retirees: one group that retired at 55 and one group that retired at 65. In the former group, 89% were more likely to die within 10 years. If you do retire early, it’s important to stimulate your brain and maintain a fit and active lifestyle.


The Drs: Starting School Early Could Shorten Life

Dr. Jim Sears discussed a study that evaluated people who started first grade at the age of five verses the age of six. The kids who started first grade earlier actually lived shorter lives than their peers. However, as Dr. Travis Stork pointed out, there are pros and cons to both scenarios. Studies have also shown that there are disadvantages to holding children back.

Ideally, you should allow your children to be with other children their own age and involve them in extra-curricular activities and sports that they enjoy.

The Doctors: Larger Breast Size Leads To Shorter Life

Finally, could a larger breast size lead to a shorter life? Women with larger breasts have a higher chance of being overweight, so the answer is yes. Having larger breasts makes it more difficult to exercise comfortably, and it’s much harder to find good, supportive bras. Dr. Ordon suggests considering a breast reduction if your breasts are causing pain or discomfort.


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