The Doctors: Hiccups, Blisters & Tingling Butt Symptom Warnings


The Doctors: Are Symptoms Serious?

How do you know if your routine symptoms are actually a sign of something more serious? The Doctors assembled a panel of specialists to share advice on warning signs and symptoms you should be aware of.

“You have a primary care doctor for a reason. They can help you figure out what specialist to see,” Dr. Travis Stork said. He and the specialists shared common symptoms that may require the care of a specialist.


The Doctors: Hiccup Cures

Have you tried holding your breath? See the Hiccup Remedies that doctors recommended.

The Drs TV: Hiccups Warning Signs

Hiccups are “an involuntary contraction of your diaphragm…, the muscle that helps you breath,” Dr. Travis said. Hiccups can be caused by swallowing air, eating too much, or changes in stomach temperature.

Hiccups Natural Remedies

The panel of specialists shared their go-to hiccup remedies. Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler prefers blowing air in and out of a paper bag.


Lemon Hiccup Remedy

Dr. Sandra Lee said she tries turning upside down and drinking a glass of water. The third specialist, Dr. John Kennedy, agreed with Dr. Sandra. Dr. Travis said, “some people use lemons,” providing little in the way of useful context for his remedy.

Dr. Travis said you should stick with the remedy that works for you. But if hiccup symptoms won’t go away, that could be a sign of a more serious problem. Here are the surprising conditions that could be indicated.

The Doctors: Prolonged Hiccups & Heart Problems

According to cardiologist Dr. John Kennedy, lasting hiccups related to exertion could indicate a blocked artery. He explained that the Vegas nerve, which controls swallowing, runs to the heart.

Effort-related hiccups could suggest hiccups, so if you notice that hiccups start after you walk up a flight of stairs or otherwise exert energy, you should call a cardiologist.

The Drs TV: Blisters & Health Problems

Typically, doctors recommend letting blisters clear up on their own. Interfering with them could cause a super infection.

But if you have a blister on the tip of your nose, you may want to see an Ophthalmologist, like Dr. Brian.

The Doctors: Hutchinson’s Sign

This is called Hutchinson’s Sign, and it’s an early indicator of Shingles. Shingles is related to Chicken Pox, and many people don’t realize that the Chicken Pox virus stays dormant in your body. It can eventually affect your eyes, causing serious vision problems.

Aggressive antiviral treatments might be needed, as well as a consultation with a dermatologist. “Try to keep your health and immune system up as you get older,” Dr. Brian suggested.

Painful Tingly Butt Sensation

If you have a tingling sensation in the middle of your buttocks, you may need to see someone like Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee. She said that this is a common sign of Genital Herpes.

Herpes Test Dermatologist

Herpes is surprisingly common, she said, and it’s easy to diagnose because the affected nerves run front and back. A dermatologist can test your blisters to learn whether you’ve been exposed to the Herpes virus, and she said we would be surprised at how many of us have encountered the virus.

“Herpes is forever,” she said. “But it shouldn’t care you, because it’s actually very common, and a lot of us live our lives. We never know that we have it.”

Dr. Travis said this is why it’s important to share your symptoms with your primary care doctor, even when they seem common or benign. You never know what they could really suggest is happening in your body.


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