The Doctors: Henry Winkler Dyslexia & Botox For Stroke Victims


The Doctors TV: Henry Winkler

Actor Henry Winkler rose to fame in his iconic role as The Fonz on Happy Days. More recently, he’s appeared in comedies like Arrested Development and Children’s Hospital. He joined The Doctors to show off his purple socks, which matched his sweater. But he is also an ambassador for Open Arms, an organization that is raising awareness about a new treatment for stroke victims.

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TV star Henry Winkler revealed a life-changing new use for Botox and his message for kids with Dyslexia.


According to news reports, Botox has now been approved to treat muscle spasms in the elbow, arms, and other small muscles. Henry Winkler’s mother suffered a stroke and developed Upper Limb Spasticity, which is painful, unsightly, and for a long time was untreatable.

The Doctors: Stroke Victims Botox

The Doctors often talk about Cosmetic Uses For Botox. Just yesterday, they showed How Botox Can Treat Frey’s Syndrome. But its use to treat Upper Limb Spasticity is a new development. While it may not give the stroke victim full use of their arm, it can at least relax it and improve some of the pain and cosmetic symptoms.

Henry Winkler said his mother did not have a chance to try this treatment. He said that you can see someone with Upper Limb Spasticity lose the will to live. When he was asked to become a spokesperson, he was inspired by the results he saw in other patients.


The Drs: Lazy Eye Botox

Dr. Jack Schim uses Botox to treat stroke victims, and he said that this is not the first medical use that doctors have found for the chemical. One of its initial uses was Treating Lazy Eye In Children. Though it has been experimented with for hundreds of conditions, it now has seven approved indications beyond cosmetic wrinkle smoothing.

Dr. Schim said the medication blocks the release of chemicals that connect nerves to muscles. By preventing that exchange, Botox keeps the muscle from contracting or tightening. Using electrodes, physicians can pinpoint exactly where the injections should go. He said the results for Upper Limb Spasticity have been life-changing.

The Doctors: Henry Winkler Dyslexia

Henry Winkler was diagnosed at age 31 with Dyslexia. He said that’s when he realized that he wasn’t stupid or lazy. He still struggles all the time with reading scripts and other activities. Dr. Jim Sears said that Dyslexia manifests itself differently in everyone.

Blurry Dyslexia vs River Dyslexia vs Swirl Dyslexia

The Doctors showed an example of what words may look like to someone with Blurry Dyslexia, River Dyslexia, or Swirl Dyslexia. Dr. Jim Sears said that children diagnosed with ADHD or other conditions should be tested for Dyslexia. The medical community still has not uncovered a cause or cure for Dyslexia.

There are some gels and glasses that have been developed to help Dyslexia sufferers by changing the wavelength of light. Henry Winkler said it’s very important to help kids maintain their self esteem when they are struggling with Dyslexia.

Henry Winkler: Hank Zipzer

Henry Winkler has written a series of children’s novels with Lin Oliver. There are 17 books in the series, which chronicles the misadventures of fourth grader Hank Zipzer, the world’s greatest underachiever. He said they are funny, and the kid happens to have a learning challenge.

Henry Winkler has also written a memoir called I’ve Never Met An Idiot On The River. The studio audience received free copies of the memoir, but you can click here to purchase I’ve Never Met An Idiot On The River.


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