The Doctors: Hemorrhoids Vs. Fissures & The TurDle Review


The Doctors: Hemorrhoids vs. Fissures

The Doctors continued their TMI Tuesday tradition with the topic of body functions you can’t control. They were joined by experts Dr. Rachael Ross, colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld and OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton for a discussion on a wide variety of embarrassing topics. First, it was time for a trip to the toilet for a chat about hemorrhoids.

The Doctors: Hemorrhoids Vs. Fissures & The TurDle Review

The Doctors learned the difference between hemorrhoids and fissures and discussed the TurDle device.


One Doctors viewer had hemorrhoid pain so bad, she wasn’t able to sit down. However, she wasn’t sure if she should have them removed, or allow them to go away on their own. Dr. Rosenfeld helped her out by explaining the difference between hemorrhoids and fissures.

Did you know that everyone has hemorrhoids? That’s because they are simply veins inside and outside the body. When an external hemorrhoid ruptures, blood leaks out and becomes trapped, forming a clot. That’s when painful swelling occurs, and the secretion of mucous can sometimes cause itching.

Should Hemorrhoids Be Removed?

Dr. Rosenfeld emphasized that fiber and water are the two most important tools a person can have against hemorrhoids. The difference between a hemorrhoid and a fissure is that a fissure is a tear that feels like sharp broken glass when you go to the bathroom. If your problem is limited to hemorrhoids, don’t have them removed. They should go away within 4-5 weeks.


Device Helps Aid Bowel Movements

Dr. Jim Sears visited a Los Angeles farmer’s market to find out if anyone could identify the function of the TurDle, which looks sort of like a yoga accessory/pillow/flotation device. In fact, the TurDle is a device that’s designed to help people go to the bathroom.

The Doctors: The TurDle Review

The device helps achieve the natural squatting position that’s designed to help your body go. The TurDle also massages the colon using a gentle pressure, therefore aiding and improving your bowel movements.

Dr. Rosenfeld agreed that the TurDle does “make sense.” If you drink a lot of water and take fiber, you should go regularly. However, for people who are constipated, the TurDle is a great option.


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