The Doctors: Hemorrhoidectomy | Laryngitis Causes & Treatments


The Doctors: Hemorrhoids

The Doctors sure love to talk about Hemorrhoids. Today, they’re talking about Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery, and whether Hemorrhoids can grow back.

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez said half the population over age 30 suffers from Hemorrhoids. If you have recurrent or bleeding Hemorrhoids, you will want it removed.


The Drs TV: Hemorrhoid Surgery

How doctors surgically remove hemorrhoids, and how you can keep them from coming back.

How Hemorrhoids Form

A Hemorrhoid is a vein that gets stretched out during bowel movements. Your veins are supposed to retract on their own, but sometimes they don’t. You may even have to use your finger to push it back into place.

Doctors can use special rubber bands to squeeze off the blood supply, which should eventually cause the Hemorrhoid to fall off. A doctor may also elect to cut and remove your Hemorrhoid Blood Clot using a scalpel.


How To Prevent Hemorrhoids

Dr. Rodriguez said five out of 100 Hemorrhoids that are removed will come back. He offered three tips for ensuring that they don’t come back.


A high fiber diet is helpful in preventing Hemorrhoids.


Exercise has lots of positive effects on the body, including preventing Hemorrhoids.


Water in your diet is another way to help lessen your recurrence of Hemorrhoids.

Dr. Rodriguez said you shouldn’t be embarrassed about Hemorrhoids. Don’t wait and suffer in pain when you could get a quick treatment and feel better.

The Drs: Laryngitis & Hoarseness

One woman asked why she is hoarse for weeks after having a cold or upper respiratory tract infection. Laryngitis is inflammation of the vocal cords. Normal vocal cords are white and distinct. Laryngitis causes them to become red and inflamed.

The Doctors TV: Hoarseness & Laryngitis Causes

In addition to colds and respiratory infections, there are many other potential culprits for hoarseness. Acid reflux could be another cause. Allergies, inhaled irritatants, chronic cough, heavy smoking or drinking, or voice strain and overuse can give you that hoarse feeling.

The Drs: Hoarseness Remedies

Dr. Andrew Ordon said you will want to take care of your vocal cords. He recommended not smoking or drinking while you’re recovering.

Stay hydrated, and avoid caffeine and other things that dehydrate you. A warm, hot shower and Using A Humidifier can also help.


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