The Doctors: Heel-Less Shoes & NY Teachers Free Plastic Surgery


The Doctors: Free Plastic Surgery For Teachers

Does your insurance cover plastic surgery? If not, you may want to become a teacher in Buffalo, New York. Teachers there can get their cosmetic procedures covered by insurance, which is paid for entirely by taxpayers.

The bill was over $8 million last year, and 500 of the district’s 10,000 employees have taken advantage of this opportunity. Just eight area doctors racked up 95% of those billings.


Dr. Andrew Ordon said this was more common in years past, and he hadn’t heard of this type of insurance rider for awhile. But it supplements the insurance coverage and allows for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

The Doctors: No Heel High Heels

Dr. Lisa modeled the new fashion trend of No Heel High Heels and explained the medical dangers of this new style.

Should Tax Dollars Cover Teachers’ Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lisa Masterson said it was intended to cover reconstructive surgeries, and elective cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular in recent decades. Dr. Andrew said some of these procedures can be medically justifiable, to correct vision or breathing problems, for example.


But Dr. Travis Stork pointed out there’s a difference between correcting a medical issue and doing an elective cosmetic procedure. “I think it’s shocking actually, given all the budget cuts that have taken place across school districts, that this is still a part of this policy,” he said.

The Drs TV: Renegotiating Teacher Benefits

Dr. Jim Sears pointed out that schools are racking up millions of dollars a year in medical bills. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that money would be better invested in education.

“I think the US education system needs a lot,” Dr. Lisa said, recommending that Buffalo revisit this policy.

“Everything’s negotiable,” Dr. Andrew Ordon said, suggesting that the district renegotiate that policy.

Heel-Less High Heels Are Dangerous

Dr. Lisa is one of many ladies who love high heels, but these extreme heels are leading to an increase in foot injuries. In a news report, one podiatrist explained that heels can pinch nerves in the foot and lead to inflammation, corns, calluses, and other side effects.

Dr. Travis said men find high heels sexy, but there’s no denying that they can cause foot problems. Now there are Heel-Free High Heels, as Dr. Lisa demonstrated, mentioning that Lady Gaga is among those adopting this style.

“This is an attempt at trying to shift the pressure from the heel to the toe pad,” she explained.

Dr. Lisa: No Heel High Heels

Dr. Lisa tried them on to demonstrate the style. She had a little trouble getting the hang of these Heel-Less High Heels.

She explained it was like walking on tiptoe, noting that putting pressure on your heel takes you backwards. “Medically, these are not safe,” Dr. Travis observed.

Dr. Lisa agreed, adding that a better alternative is Open Toed High Heels. “When you wear heels, just wear them in moderation,” Dr. Travis said.

Shailene Woodley The Descendants Oscar Shoes

Dr. Travis said shoe designers call this new style graceful. Shailene Woodley of Best Picture nominee The Descendants has already committed to choosing comfort over style when it comes to Oscar footwear, choosing a shoe style with separated toes.

Dr. Andrew held up both shoes and asked men in the audience which style they preferred. Who cares what men prefer? Why do women have to base their fashion choices on men’s preferences?


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