The Doctors: Healthy Hair Tips + Liza Minnelli Back In Rehab


The Drs: Healthy Hair Tips

The Doctors: Healthy Hair Tips + Liza Minnelli Back In Rehab

The Doctors talked about how you make sure you have healthy hair, especially when using a flat iron. (idhren / flickr)

The Doctors shared that when it comes to healthy hair, heat is often the enemy. Dr Rachael Ross explained that hot water strips the hair of its natural oils, which can leave the hair very dry and brittle. Blow-drying is even worse, because it takes away the water that is bound to the hair. Flat-ironing makes it worse as well, so remember to never iron damp hair.


It’s important to find hair products designed to protect your hair. “Protect” was the word of the day and you can use the word protect to enter for a chance to win a hair system from Topganic valued at over $100.

The Drs: Hangover-Minimizing Wine

The Doctors then shared their News in 2:00, sharing that scientists at the University of Illinois claim to have created a hangover-minimizing wine. They engineered the yeast in a certain way to create an enzyme which helps make wine smooth. Without it, the wine can leave you with a bad headache the next day.

The Drs: Liza Minnelli Rehab

The Doctors then shared that back in September, Liza Minnelli underwent back surgery to treat an injury that prevented her from performing. Now, her rep has issued a statement saying that Minnelli has entered a rehabilitation program for substance abuse. Minnelli has been very public about her struggle and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. In 2008, she told The Guardian that she inherited the disease of alcoholism but has always asked for help. Minnelli is reportedly making excellent progress in rehab.


The Drs: Azheimer’s Association Benefit

A bunch of celebrities turned out for the Night at Sardi’s event benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. The Broadway-themed event has raised over $25 million over the years for Alzheimer’s Disease research, treatment, and care for those with the disorder. Many of the celebrities shared their own personal connections to the disease, including Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory

The Drs: Change Your Font

The Doctors prescription of the day was a simple one: change your font. Dr Travis Stork shared that a recent study found that students who studied text in a different font retained the information better. It’s called dis-fluency, which means when something seems hard to do, we focus more on it. An active brain is a healthy brain!


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