The Doctors: Health Scare Experiment & Seatbelts Prevent Spinal Injuries


Seatbelts Can Protect from Spinal Injuries

We’ve already seen Justin take part in the Health Scare Experiment and the UCLA medical center treat his injuries, now it’s time for him to learn the true consequences of his actions. The next step is for Justin to learn to live with his injuries. Justin is introduced to Kelly, who is paralyzed from the chest down with a spinal cord injury from a car accident she was in due to distracted driving. She had a friend in the car with her who luckily walked away from the accident without a scratch because she was wearing a seatbelt. Kelly was not wearing a seatbelt.

Kelly informs Justin that his life is going to change drastically. Everyday tasks that he used to not even think about now bec0me difficult. Putting pants on legs he can’t move will be a struggle. Just getting into the car will take a long time and be more difficult than he expects. Even just reaching for items on a high shelf or getting through a doorway is now a real undertaking. The real toll of what an accident means really begins to hit home.


man in wheelchair paralyzed

The rest of Justin's life would have been in a wheelchair

Health Scare Experiment Changed Lives

Reflecting on the Health Scare Experiment, Justin said that it all became very real to him when his blindfold was taken off and he saw the cracked windshield and a car in front of him. He realized that he’s not the only one affected by his driving habits. Personally, he seemed to take it all a lot more seriously when he saw the look on his wife’s face and met Kelly.

Speaking of his wife’s face, Melody recounted how very real it all seemed. She had expected to be upset, but she didn’t expect to be so angry as well. She was angry at Justin for doing this and just couldn’t stop thinking about how to break the news to the kids. Even though she had brought them to the show because of her husband’s habits, she admitted to occasionally texting while driving. She says that the Health Scare Experiment taught her to never do that again. In fact, they both made a pact to never again get behind a wheel of a car without putting on a seatbelt.



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