The Doctors: Health Benefits Of Ice


The Doctors: Health Benefits Of Ice

After examining Healthy White Foods and Why Body Fluids Are White, The Doctors moved to the health benefits of another common white item: ice. I think it’s debatable whether ice is white or clear, but I guess it’s not easy come up with these topics.

The Doctors: Ice Skims Fat Off Soup

The Doctors: Ice Pop Kids Medicine

The Doctors shared new uses for ice, including skimming fat off soups and watering plants.


Dr. Lisa Masterson said she loves eating hot soups in winter. But they come with added calories and fat, especially if you used an oily base or canned soup. To get out this excess oil, you can put some ice in a ladle and skim it along the top of your soup. The fat will stick to the ice and can save you calories by making your soup healthier.

The Doctors: Ice Kids Medicine

Dr. Jim Sears said that during winter kids are particularly susceptible to colds. Kids don’t always want to take their medicine, but ice can help. You can make plain water ice pops using a mold from the grocery store. Have the child suck on the ice pop for a couple minutes.

This will numb their mouth and they won’t taste the medicine as much. Dr. Sears said not to use a flavored Popsicle, because the sweetness will cause a horrible flavor contrast with the bitter medicine.


Dr. Andrew Ordon: How Ice Helps Your Skin

If waxing your skin or Getting Botox Injections is too painful, you can alleviate that pain by applying ice to the skin beforehand. This will keep you from noticing the needle going in, or for body waxing. Dr. Andrew Ordon said to make sure you dry the area, after you apply the ice, but before you do the wax.

The Doctors: How Ice Can Help Plants

Many people love to have live plants around, but it can be hard to make sure they are watered properly. You can place ice cubes on top of the soil. They will melt evenly, ensuring that your plant is adequately watered all over.

The Drs: Ice Removes Splinters

Everyone loves fires in the winter, but dealing with firewood can result in unwanted splinters. Dr. Travis Stork said you can apply ice to the area to numb it. Then sterilize the site and make sure to pull it out at the angle it went in. Ice will keep it from hurting during removal.


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