The Doctors: Health Benefits of Body Walking & Hanging Upside Down


The Doctors: Hanging Upside Down Has Health Benefits

The Doctors: Health Benefits of Body Walking & Hanging Upside Down

The Doctors looked at the benefits of hanging upside down, which can decompress the spine, and the benefits of body walking, a therapeutic massage technique.

Did you ever think hanging upside down could have some health benefits? The Doctors said there are actually a lot of benefits to hanging upside down. They said it is great for someone who is sitting down all day because it is a great way to decompress the spine, it decongests the organs, it helps with circulation and increases blood flow to the brain, meaning your brain will getting an extra boost of oxygen rich blood.


Evolution Health BodyLift Review

The Doctors talked with a representative for the Evolution Health BodyLift to find out how this chair-like device actually works.

The chair, which has two shoulder rests and a place for your head to go, allows you to comfortably place your shoulders on the padded areas and then stick your head in the middle while throwing your body into a vertical position with your head nearly touching the ground.

So how long should you hang upside down? The Doctors suggested hanging for as long as you feel comfortable, gradually working your way to staying inverted for a longer time. They also recommended starting near a wall to help you feel more confident you won’t fall over since all the doctors had trouble getting into the inverted position.


Health Benefits Of Body Walking

There are massage therapists out there that do not use their hands to massage their clients. They use their feet. The Doctors invited body walking specialist Tod Miller on the show to give them a demonstration of how body walking works.

He said body walking is better than traditional massages because body walking is a “therapeutic, transformational body work” that decompresses muscles while decreasing the blood flow slightly. When the body walker shifts their weight off a certain area of the body, blood flows to that area offering a feeling of relief. Miller said this helps “cleanse the muscle, nourish the muscle and helps the body heal quicker.”

As great as body walking sounds, do not head home and have your children start walking on your back. Miller said there are special areas on the body he has to walk on when helping a patient. If he places too much weight on one area, he could hurt himself or the patient.

Check out some of the techniques he uses when body walking in the video below.


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