The Doctors Headlines: X-Rays & Brain Tumors Plus Tool Safety Tips


The Doctors: Before and After Transformations

On The Doctors, a brand new season kicked off with a show that highlighted amazing before and after transformations. We learned five incredible stories, as well as the five procedures that helped people who were in desperate need of a fresh start. However, The Doctors began the show with some news-making headlines that answered questions such as, do dental x-rays cause brain tumors?

Can Dental X-Rays Cause Brain Tumors?

Recent studies have shown that people who received dental x-rays at least once a year were at a higher risk for non-cancerous brain tumors than those who didn’t. The radiation from the x-rays could very well be leading to the tumors.


The risk is still very small, but we all know that exposure to radiation can be dangerous, especially for children. To find out more, The Doctors were joined on the phone by Cosmetic Dentist Dr Bill Dorfman. Dr Stork asked, what is the appropriate space of time between dental x-rays?

The Drs: How Often Should Teeth Be X-Rayed?

Tool Safety Tips: The Doctors

Eric Stromer offered up great tips for tool safety on The Doctors.

According to Dr Dorfman, the American Dental Association recommends that a full set of dental x-rays should be completed every five years. However, the good news is that newer, digital x-rays have much less radiation than the old type of x-ray. Dr Dorfman’s office utilizes this new technology, and he recommended that we find dentists who do also.


The Doctors: Man Survives 4″ Nail to the Heart

If you shot a 4-inch nail straight into your heart, what do you think your chances of survival are? I would definitely say slim-to-none! Dennis was attempting to fix a jammed nail gun when he shot a nail straight into his chest, and amazingly, he survived.

Dennis was incredibly lucky, because these types of stories do not usually have such happy endings. After Dennis went into cardiac arrest he immediately sought medical attention, and with the help of Dr Michael Rosenblum, he now lives to tell his tale. Dennis and Dr Rosenblum both joined the Doctors via satellite to explain how Dennis’ life was saved.

Dr Rosenblum was able to control Dennis’ bleeding by removing the nail in a controlled environment. Dennis said that initially, he thought about pulling the nail out, but thankfully, he changed his mind. You NEVER want to pull something out that has lodged itself into your body like that. If you do, you may not be able to control the bleeding in time to save your life.

HGTV’s Eric Stromer: Tool Safety Tips

Hopefully you will never find yourself in a situation like the one that Dennis was in, but anyone who works with tools should always operate under the safest conditions possible. For tool safety tips, the Doctors turned to HGTV’s Eric Stromer. He demonstrated  how we can avoid dangers and stay safe while using tools.

The first step is to protect your face and your body. Eric said that safety glasses are imperative. Also use a dust mask to cover your mouth when sawing, cutting, or working around fumes. If you’re working outside and there is a risk of falling debris, you will need a hard hat to protect your head. Also avoid loose clothing, which can easily catch on equipment.

Dennis was using a nail gun when he was injured, and Eric agreed that it is an incredibly dangerous tool. However, if you use it properly, it can actually be safer than a traditional hammer and nails. Never take the safety off, because it’s there to protect you. And, if you do use a hammer, you can secure your nail with pliers so that you don’t injure your hand.

Sawing is another dangerous activity, so Eric recommends never standing directly behind a saw while you’re using it. They have the tendency to kick back, so stand to the side instead. Unfortunately, fingers have been known to come off while using dangerous tools like saws. If that should happen, take the finger, wrap it in gauze, place it in a bag, and then put it on ice before you head to the hospital. Putting a severed finger directly on ice could cause tissue damage.

For optimal safety, Eric recommends using the internet for information, and learning the tricks of the trade from someone who knows what they’re doing before you jump in to dangerous projects. Eric agreed to be Dr Stork’s mentor for when he wants to be a “weekend handyman!”


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