The Doctors Headlines: Is There a Hangover Cure?


The Doctors September 4 2012

The Doctors September 4 brought us incredible medical breakthroughs, from the latest gadgets to to the “NoTouch” Breastscan, some of which could even save your life. However, the Doctors first got things started with some headline-making news. They even answered the question: can I have a drink after a work out (and I don’t mean water)?!

The Doctors: Does Drinking Negate a Workout?

Of course, everyone knows that you should never drink and drive. But what about drinking and working out? You may not think that the two activities go hand-in-hand, but Uplift Studios in New York has other ideas. A typical workout at their gym starts with fitness, but ends with a drink. They believe that it’s not so much about drinking, but being social.


However, it’s proven that drinking can lead to binge-eating and can slow the body’s recovery time after a workout. Plus, after you’ve worked out and gotten yourself in a healthy frame of mind, who even wants to drink? Dr Ordon said that the last thing he wants after a workout is a drink, but Dr Sears said that after a bike ride, there’s nothing better than an ice cold beer.

Dr Stork chatted via satellite with Uplift’s Leanne Shear. Leanne emphasized that her gym is about combining the fitness with the social aspect; they hope to create happy,  healthy women.

The Doctors: Is There A Hangover Cure?

Could a ride on "Hangover Heaven" bus cure your hangover? The Doctors found out.


So, I guess in terms of getting to the gym, we should probably say, whatever works. As for me– what I’m wondering is, where can I sign up?

The Doctors: Hangover Treatment Bus

What if you heard that there was a bus that could treat your hangover? Would you drink more and party to your heart’s content? For those living it up in Sin City, there’s something called Hangover Heaven. If you “feel like hell,” Hangover Heaven is a bus that you can find driving along the Las Vegas Strip. It may sound like a joke, but the bus is run by an actual physician. Dr Stork was joined on the phone by Hangover Heaven’s  owner, Dr Jason Burke.

Dr Burke explained that after the bus picks a patient up, he starts with a short medical history, then administers an IV. He treats hangovers by tackling its worst symptoms: dehydration, inflammation, and nausea. After that, he replenishes the body with vitamins. Dr Burke said that he has many repeat customers who swear by his methods.

The Doctors: Is There a Hangover Cure?

Dr Burke’s methods may be effective, but Dr Stork wondered, is it responsible? He and Dr Burke agreed to disagree that a hangover bus will encourage irresponsible drinking behavior. In the end, Dr Burke may be treating the symptoms, but there is no real cure for a hangover (unfortunately.)


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