The Doctors: Grossest Moments, Bad Breath & What Is A Cyst?


The Doctors: Top Grossest Moments

Brace yourselves, readers! The Doctors September 5 took on some of the most embarrassing gross anatomy issues. First, we got started with the top grossest moments from The Doctors show history. I’ll spare you some of the gory details where I can!

The Doctors: Bot Fly Removal

Dr Stork described one of the creepiest things you can find under your own skin: the Bot Fly. An adult Bot Fly will often lay an egg under human skin, and the egg grows and grows until eventually, it needs to be removed. The good news is that the bot fly is relatively benign, but the bad news is that it’s one of the world’s grossest things– ever! But unless you’re traveling to Central or South America, you probably don’t have to worry.


The Doctors: Epidermal Cyst Removal

The Doctors: Grossest Moments, Bad Breath & What Is A Cyst?

The Doctors revisited their top grossest moments, from bot flies to cyst removal.

Luckily, the topic then moved from parasitic insects to something just slightly less disgusting: epidermal cysts. Dermatologist Dr Tess Mauricio joined Dr Ordon to remove an epidermal cyst on a patient’s forehead. Dr Mauricio numbed the area and made a small incision right in the middle of the cyst. Through the small cut, the cyst came out pretty easily– although it was pretty gag-worthy! Dr Mauricio advised that if you have a cyst, definitely go to your doctor to have it removed; if you don’t, it will just keep coming back.

The Doctors: What is a Cyst?

Dr Ordon explained that luckily, most cysts are benign. However, you should visit your doctor just to be sure, because some cancers appear as cysts. There is nothing you can do to prevent a cyst, as they typically start with a clogged poor or hair follicle (but basic cleanliness helps). If you do have a cyst, don’t worry; they are very easily removed.


As a Gynecologist, Dr Masterson sees a lot of cysts internally, like ovarian or benign breast cysts. You can develop a cyst virtually anywhere on your body.

Dr Sears: Excessive Sweating Cause

Not even the Doctors themselves are immune to gross body issues. Dr Sears explained that his biggest gross anatomy problem is his excessive sweating. He’s tried everything, including fabrics and changing his diet, but nothing seems to stop the sweating.

We sweat because of heat, exercise, and stress, when your sweat glands begin to release. Stinky sweat isn’t actually sweat itself; it’s when bacteria begin to eat away at the oil on your skin, releasing the smell. Gross!

Dr Stork: Earthworm Poop Facial

Everyone wants beautiful, glowing skin– but would you go as far as putting earthworm poop on your face to achieve it? That’s right; earthworm poop! These not-so-pleasant facials are rich in anti-aging minerals and remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr Stork was dared to have an earthworm poop facial, but in the end, would he face the challenge? Yup– he went for it! However, the facial is actually not as bad as it sounds. It contains other ingredients, like green tea extract, that make it smell nice. Plus, it’s great for treating razor burn on guys.

The Doctors: Cause of Bad Breath

A Doctors viewer started a new diet and noticed that her breath began smelling badly. The reason may be that she has eliminated carbs from her diet. Carbs are a source of energy, and we cut carbs out the body starts breaking down fats. Ketones from the liver become excreted into the breath and may cause an odor. Dehydration can also cause bad breath because of low saliva production. Make sure you brush your teeth, visit your dentist often, and if the problem persists, see a doctor.


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