The Doctors: Bar Offers Pregnancy Tests for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


The Doctors: Bar Bathroom Pregnancy Tests

Tom Fredrik, owner of Pub 500 in Minnesota, recently installed a bathroom dispenser for pregnancy tests. Fredrik has said many people have questioned, even The Doctors, why Fredrik put the dispenser in the bathroom and he explained he installed it to help stop a preventable disease, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

The Doctors: Bar Offers Pregnancy Tests for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The Doctors discuss why a pub owner would put a pregnancy test dispenser in his bathroom. He said he hopes to help patrons prevent Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


Dr. Masterson said many patients have asked her when they can drink during pregnancy, how much would safe and what kind of alcohol would be safe, and she always responds with no alcohol at all can be consumed during pregnancy. Dr. Masterson went on to say when a woman drinks alcohol, the amount of concentrated alcohol going to fetus is far more than the amount being distributed through the rest of the woman’s body.

The Doctors: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Risks

The Doctors said Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can lead to mental retardation, facial deformities, learning disorders and many other diseases and disorders. The Doctors agreed with Fredrik with his idea for putting a pregnancy test dispenser in the bathroom of his pub because many women do not know they are pregnant right away, thus they may be drinking and pregnant and have no idea.. The Doctors said Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is preventable.

The Doctors: Restaurant Nightmares

An anonymous person called into the show to talk about some of the gross and unsanitary ways restaurants are sometimes run. The anonymous caller said he worked in the catering business in Los Angeles and has seen some very unsanitary procedures happen throughout his career.


He said he has seen, on multiple occasions, bread being moved from table to another after people have touched it, wash rags being used to wipe sweat from the chefs brow and then used to wipe the cutting board and he has also seen chefs put cutting boards over trash cans and use the trash can as a table. And many of these were done without gloves on. Gross.

Dr. Ordon said he didn’t think it happened often. But Dr. Stork said he when he sees someone handling his food and then handling money, he immediately asks for a manager.

Maybe I am just lucky, but I usually have good service when I go out to eat. Have any of you seen such gross things happen at a restaurant? Let me hear some of your restaurant nightmare stories in the comments section below.


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