The Doctors: Golf Ball Massage & Plantar Fasciitis Massage


The Doctors: Golf Health Benefits

Dr. Andrew Ordon took to the tee to explain why Golf is good for you. He said it releases Endorphins, those natural mood-enhancing chemicals in your body. He showed off his driving and putting skills while getting Vitamin D from sun exposure,which regulates Calcium and Phosphorus in your blood. Read more about the Benefits Of Vitamin D.

The Drs TV: Golf  Ball Massage

Spending a day on the links is more than just a good time. It's also great for your health.


Dr. Andrew recommended carrying your Golf Bag is good for your bones and lean muscle mass, preventing fractures and Osteoporosis. You’ll walk four to eight miles during the average golf game.

Getting fresh air and moving around stimulates your circulation, keeps you in shape, and can boost your brainpower.

The Drs: Hot Golf Ball Massage

Rachel from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel showed off the Golf Ball Massage. Before the massage, she soaked golf balls in warm water. Rachel explained that the golf balls “are an extension of my hand throughout the massage. It also is to focus on trigger points and to help release that muscle tension.”


Rachel used the golf balls while massaging a model, pressing them into muscles and pressure point.

The Doctors: Golf Ball Plantar Fasciitis Massage

Dr. Jim Sears said you can also use Golf Balls to relieve the pain of Plantar Fasciitis on the arch of your foot. You can read more about Plantar Fasciitis Treatments. Just roll the golf ball back and forth under the arch of your foot. This increases blood flow and breaks up adhesions in the injured area. You can also try this with a tennis ball.

The Doctors: Mouthwash Alcohol Risks

A viewer wants to know: Is the burning sensation you get with mouthwash helping you kill germs or actually harming your mouth? Dr. Travis said that one study raised concerns about Alcohol-Based Mouthwashes, which could increase your risk of oral cancer. He added that the association is weak and has not been proven.

Dr. Travis said you don’t want to rinse for more than one minute using alcohol-based mouthwash. You need good bacteria in your mouth for your oral health.

Dr. Andrew said too much alcohol dries out your mouth, which is also undesirable. Dr. Travis suggested limiting your mouthwash rinse to about 30 seconds, which is enough time to kill all the counterproductive germs without hurting your oral health.

Mucus Membranes

Dr. Travis Stork said damp is good when it comes to the nose and eyes. Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that the nose is lined with moist Mucus Membranes. But they can be either too moist or too dry.

He had an audience volunteer investigate a fake nose to discover that it was too moist. If your nose is too moist, it could mean you have a cold or allergies. To treat this, you could go on decongestants.

The Doctors: Conjunctiva & Eye Moisture

The audience member investigated the other nostril and found it was mildly moist, which Dr. Andrew said was the ideal condition for your nose. Dry nose can be treated with saline drops, Vaseline, or a humidifier. Read more about Using A Humidifier.

The whites of your eyes, or the Conjunctiva, are also supposed to moist. Read more about Red Eyes & Conjunctivitis. You don’t want them to produce excess tears, but if you’re not producing enough tears you can use products to clear up redness.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said medications can cause dry eye, which is very common. In that case, Dr. Andrew said you should look into products to help your eyes produce enough moisture.


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