The Doctors: Glaucoma Test & How to Do a Thyroid Self-Exam Test


The Doctors TV Show today was on the topic of “What Tests Do I Need.”  Two tests that were covered included the Glaucoma Eye Test and a Thyroid Self-Exam Test.  The Drs TV Show said that knowledge is power and so it is important to catch medical problems before they start with tests such as these. The Doctors Thryoid Test

The Drs: Glaucoma Eye Test

The Doctors were asked by a lady what eye tests she needs to get other than a yearly eye exam.  They said that everyone over 50 should get a Glaucoma Test and you should get it at a younger age if you have a family history of Glaucoma or if you are African American.


What is a Glaucoma Eye Test?

There are three steps to a Glaucoma Eye Test which include:

1.  Check the pressure in your eye ball.  In this step you basically push on the eye like you would push on a balloon to see how much it pushes back.

2.  You look at a light and push a button whenever you see the light.


3.  A high tech computer device takes an image of the optic nerve to see if it has been damaged by Glaucoma.

The Drs said that, with Glaucoma, you have no symptoms and if you lose your vision, it is gone forever.  Here is a scary statistic – 4 million people in America have Glaucoma but only 2 million know they have it.

The Doctors: Thyroid Self-Exam Test

Dr Jim Sears was asked at what age should a woman get a Thyroid Test.  So many women forget about the thyroid, which is a gland near your Adam’s Apple.  You usually get your thyroid examined if you are 35 or older unless you have a family history of thyroid problems or any of the following signs.

The Drs: Thyroid Symptoms

– Weight Gain

– Irregular periods

– Birth defect in your baby

– Fatigue

– Sweaty or clammy hands

Dr Andrew Ordon showed how to do a Thyroid Test At Home.

The Drs: How To Do A Thyroid Self-Exam Test

Take a mirror and hold it to the side of your face.  Drink a glass of water and watch your Adam’s Apple while you swallow the water, because the Thyroid is closely connected to the Adam’s Apple.  If you see any irregularities, then have it checked by a doctor.  If your doctor is concerned, you may be sent for an ultrasound or a Thyroid Function Study.


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