The Doctors: Germs in Drug Store Makeup and E Coli in Laundry Water


The Doctors: Don’t Try On Makeup at Department Stores

Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors TV show asked the audience if any of them try makeup on at makeup stores and drug stores. Dr. Lisa Masterson said this is a big no-no.

According to Dr. Masterson, 100% of the makeup you sample can have staph, strep, and E.Coli in it. If people don’t wash their hands and then go try on makeup, those germs could be transfered to you.


The Drs: E. Coli and Staph in Makeup Counter Samples

The Doctors: Germs in Drug Store Makeup and E Coli in Laundry Water

Women should think twice about trying on a new eyeshadow at the makeup counter. The Doctors found E. Coli and Staph in drug store makeup.

The Drs. did a little test on makeup containers from department stores. The foundation grew out staphylococcus and the eyeshadow had E.Coli which is usually found in fecal matter.

Dr. Masterson said that if you want to try makeup, try it on your wrist and then immediately use a makeup remover wipe with alcohol in it. She also said to never share your makeup.


The Doctors: Can Batteries Start a Fire?

Have you ever wondered if batteries could cause a fire in your junk drawer? Dr. Stork demonstrated how easy it is to ignite a fire between a battery and some light steel wool. If there’s anything combustible nearby, you could spark a real problem.

The Doctors: E Coli in Laundry Water

If you wash an entire load of laundry, scientists have found that you can end up with 100 million E.Coli in your water. Dr. Stork said this makes sense because you sit in your underwear all day. Have you ever worried about E Coli in your laundry water?

Wash Underwear on Hot with Color Safe Bleach

Dr. Jim Sears admitted that he washes all of his things together on medium. He said a better thing to do would be to wash underwear separately in very hot water in colorfast bleach. He said to aim for 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the germs.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that this is particularly true if you’re sharing a washer with someone you don’t know. This person could be in contact with bodily fluids as part of their job. Dr. Stork said that using hot water might be energy inefficient, but it’s important that you use it even just for your underwear load. See what else The Doctors had to say about E Coli in laundry water in the video below:


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