The Doctors: Ganglion Cyst Treatment & Thai Massage Review


The Doctors: Cyst Treatments & Massage

Stress relief is really going to the dogs, if you believe The Doctors. They could have the keys to unlocking relaxation (isn’t that because they sleep 12 hours a day?). The team reviewed a Thai Massage and explored Ganglion Cyst Treatment as well.

The Drs: Massage Health Benefits

Naomi Roskovani from Chateau Marmutt had a stress tip for The Doctors audience. Dogs can teach us a lot about de-stressing. Just look how calm they get when they are being petted and loved. Dogs like to relax, and people can do the same by getting massages.


The Doctors: Thai Massage Health Benefits

Could Thai Massage be the key to relaxation and health? The Doctors explored its health benefits.

Dr Lisa Masterson said that massages are a great way to lower stress. One study found it lowered fear about an impending medical procedure by 30%. In the meantime, you can simply massage your pet.

The Doctors: Thai Massage Review

When you want someone from The Doctors team to put themselves out there and be a guinea pig, you choose Dr Jim Sears. He went backstage and submitted to a Thai Massage, which he compared to torture. Way to sell it, Dr Sears.


“Thai Massage is a combination of accupressure, deep tissue massage and yoga-like stretches,” explained Shauna, the co-owner of Raven Spa. She called it “the lazy man’s yoga.”

The therapist stretched Dr Sears’s limbs and worked his pressure points. But Shauna said clients don’t have to warm up beforehand. The massage itself will warm you up before intensifying.

“It feels actually really good,” Dr Jim said. “It’s a lot of stretching.”

The Drs: Ganglion Cyst Treatment

In the procedure room, Dr Andrew Ordon and Dr Glynis Ablon teamed up to help a woman named Tanya. She had a painful bump on her wrist, and she complained that the pain radiates up to the shoulder.

Dr Ordon said this is a Ganglion Cyst, a common benign tumor, but there is something that can be done about it. Dr Ablon aspirated the fluid inside the cyst and also did an anti-inflammatory injection designed to relieve the pain.

According to Dr Ordon, the process should only take one treatment. Tanya was numbed up beforehand, and she said she didn’t feel anything. The process drained a small amount of fluid and was expected to relieve the pressure and pain from the area.

Dr Travis said that it’s easy to get this type of cyst treated by a wrist specialist and ensure that it’s not a sign of other health issues.


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