The Doctors: Foot Petals & Medical Dangers of Wearing High Heels


The Doctors TV Show reported that 75% of women say that high heels cause foot pain.  So, The Drs TV Show brought on a lady named Mecca who loves her high heels and lives by the motto “no pain, no gain” to try and show the Medical Dangers of Wearing High Heels.  Dr Travis Stork said that you have 26 bones in your foot, 33 joints and 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments – so that is a lot to keep safe.  By walking in high heels, you put pressure on the wrong spots.  But Dr Lisa Masterson also loves her high heels, so she seemed to share their guest Mecca’s perspective on this matter.

The Doctors: High Heels Are Bad For Your Health

The Doctors showed a simulation of Mecca walking barefoot, and showed how her spinal alignment was The Doctors Foot Petalsgood.  Then Mecca repeated the process but wearing stiletto heels that were 4.5″ to 5″ high.  Dr Travis Stork pointed out how, with the heels on, she is tilting her hip forward and does not have the same normal and healthy alignment.  Dr Lisa Masterson even agreed that if you have on heels greater than 3 inches, you are putting 7 times more pressure on your feet.  Dr Travis said that he understands that women like the look and feel of wearing heels but, at the end of the day, is it really worth it to get the foot calluses, cramps, potential injuries, and lower back pain?


The Doctors TV Show: Foot Petals

Dr Lisa Masterson gave a few tips for easing foot pain when you wear heels:

1.  Try to wear heels that are 3″ or less.

2.  Save the super high heels for special occasions.


3. Try putting Foot Petals in your shoes to add more cushioning. I have tried Foot Petals before, and they really are amazing, which is probably why everyone in The Doctors Audience went home with their own set!


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