The Doctors: Foot Numbness, Easy Bruising & Ear Blockages


The Doctors did a show called Scary Symptoms that are harmless, where they covered topics like Heart Palpitations, Nosebleeds, Hair Loss and Bloating.  How do you know when these medical symptoms are serious versus when they are harmless?  Read on for the answers! The Doctors Leg Numbness

The Doctors: Foot Numbness

The Doctors were asked by a runner who is training for a marathon about Foot Numbness.  After she runs, her toes get numb and her feet feel paralyzed.  Also, when she is sitting, sometimes her feet go numb.  The Doctors said that numbness in your legs and feet is normal, but it can be caused by shoes that are too tight.  So one idea is to do Reverse Lacing on your sneakers, so that they tie at the bottom near your toes rather than at the top, because then you have an easy way to control how tight your shoes are in the toe box.  Chronic Numbness can be a sign of Diabetes though, so it should not be ignored.


The Doctors: What Numbness May Mean

The Doctors said that if you keep your legs crossed for 30 minutes, then you compress a nerve and that can cause Leg Numbness.  Numbness can also mean Diabetes like mentioned before.  If you wake-up and have numbness, then this can even mean you had a Stroke.

The Doctors: Easy Bruising

The Doctors said that you can bruise easily from something as simple as taking Aspirin, because it causes platelets to not clot blood like it normally does.  If you are older, your collagen that protects your blood vessels may begin to break down.  Also, if you are older, your sign may be fading, so you may run into things more often which can cause bruises.  However, if you have bruises and have no idea why you are getting them, then you should see a doctor because it could be a Clotting Disorder, Anemia, Leukemia or a sign of Blood Cancers.

The Doctors: Ear Blockage

The Doctors said that Ear Blockages usually occur in the outer ear or ear canal and are caused by ear wax.  Dr Andrew Ordon said not to use a Q-Tip if your ear feels blocked.  Symptoms of an Ear Blockage include dizziness, loss of hearing and ringing in your ears.


The Doctors: Ear Blockage Causes

Swimmers Ear is one common Ear Blockage Cause.  With Swimmers Ear, you get an inflammation and infection in your ear canal which is more common in the summer and is related to water in your ear that does not get out completely.  If you feel like you have water left over in your ear, then tilt your head, grab your ear lobe and shake it.

The Doctors said that you can get Cancer in the outer-part of the ear canal, but it is pretty rare.


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