The Doctors: Foods To Help You Quit Smoking & Fight Baby Fat


Dr. Travis Stork: How Smoking Affects Metabolism

Michael and Deborah have been married over 30 years. They eat healthy and exercise, but they are longtime smokers who want to kick the habit. But they are afraid of gaining weight. They joined The Doctors in the studio to get an answer to their question.

Dr. Travis Stork said the reason you weigh less as a smoker is not good for your health. Nicotine gets caught up in your bloodstream and goes to your brain. This causes your heart to beat faster, putting added stress on the heart.


The Doctors: How Smoking Affects Metabolism

The Doctors talked about how smoking affects your metabolism and foods that can help you curb your cravings.

Dr. Stork said smoking 20 cigarettes a day has an effect on your heart equivalent to 90 extra pounds of weight. Nicotine also decreases the amount of insulin your body produces, which leads to high blood sugar in smokers. That’s part of what keeps smokers from gaining weight.

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Quit Smoking Diet

Quitting smoking may cause a weight gain of five to seven pounds, but Dr. Stork said that weight gain is offset by the health benefits, and there are ways you can compensate for this potential weight gain.


Dr. Lisa Masterson shared a Duke University study that found certain help smokers curb their cravings. Things like milk, water, cucumbers, and other fruits or vegetables can make the cigarettes taste bad. On the other hand, foods like meat, coffee, and alcohol will have the opposite effect.

Dr. Travis Stork said that Michael and Deborah should commit to quit smoking together. He said Freedom Laser Therapy uses low level lasers, similar to acupressure, to help people quit smoking. They will be treating Michael and Deborah for free.

Dr. Jim Sears: Baby Fat & Overweight Babies

The Doctors took an email question from a Nevada mom who noticed that her three-month-old is overweight compared to her peers. She wondered how early she should worry about her baby being overweight, and when is too early to trim baby fat.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears said not to worry about chubby babies until six months at the earliest. He said that breastfeeding makes babies less prone to obesity.

Dr. Jim Sears: Preventing Obesity In Kids

Dr. Jim Sears said that when switching babies to foods, use nutrient-dense, single-ingredient foods like carrots and avocados. He added that  what you feed your baby in the beginning is huge when it comes to childhood obesity. Whatever you give them is what they will develop a taste for.

By feeding them healthy foods, you can put them on a path to lifelong nutrition. Dr. Jim Sears said when babies start walking, around 12 months, they will start to thin out, if they are eating right.


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