The Doctors: Follow The Alphabet To Weight Loss Success


The Doctors: Water Weight & Coconut Water

W is for Water Weight. Dr. Lisa Masterson said the average person retains about five pounds of water weight. It is especially bad for women at the beginning of their menstrual cycle, who can be carrying two gallons of water weight.

Dr. Masterson said decreasing salt can help. But you can also use coconut water to flush out excess salt. Fiber will also attract the water and pull it out of your body. Dr. Travis Stork said you should be sure to stay hydrated.


The Doctors: Women & Water Weight

Surprisingly, drinking more water can help women shed water weight.

Drinking water will also help you clear out salt, even though it may seem counter-intuitive while you’re already retaining water. But Dr. Jim Sears said not drinking water could actually make the problem worse, because dehydration will cause your body to hold onto whatever water it can.

The Drs TV Show: Xylitol vs Sugar Alternatives

Dr. Jim Sears said he does not like adding artificial sugars to cereals or other foods. Dr. Lisa Masterson said they can be really awful, particularly aspartame.


But Dr. Jim Sears said Xylitol actually occurs naturally and can help reduce cavities and ear infections. Honey has antioxidants and can reduce allergies.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Y Stretch

Y is for the Y Stretch. The audience has been working out for the entire show. They finally got to stop and cool down by doing the Y Stretch, to increase power, flexibility, and range of motion. To do the Y Stretch, stand with your legs spread apart and raise your arms up to make a V.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said bouncing during static stretches can cause muscle damage and actually reduce flexibility.

Ruth Zuckerman: Flywheel Bike

Flywheel co-creator Ruth Zuckerman and audience members who cycled throughout today’s show burned between 700 and 800 calories. That’s similar to the results you would see in a spinning class, according to Dr. Travis Stork. You can buy your own Flywheel bike too!

The Drs TV Show: Balance Ball & Fitness Bands Giveaway

Today’s studio audience received fitness gifts, including a David Kirsch Wellness Company Balance Ball and fitness bands from Spri, which Dr. Travis Stork suggested using while watching the show.

You can click here to purchase your own Spri Fitness Bands.

Dr. Travis Stork: Don’t Make Excuses

The Doctors finally reached the end of the alphabet, and Z is for Zero Excuses. “When it comes to weight loss, you have to send all those excuses out of the door,” Dr. Travis Stork said.


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