The Doctors: Flu Season & Vaccines + Linda Gray Inspiration


The Doctors: Flu Season Is Back

In a Doctors Special Report, The Doctors wanted to take the time to talk about the flu. Flu season has begun and will likely last until May, generally peaking December-February. The CDC recommends yearly vaccines for most individuals aged 6-months and older. If you haven’t yet gotten a shot, schedule an appointment now.


A 6-year study was just published in the journal “Obstetrics and Gynecology” claiming that it’s safe for pregnant women to receive both the flu and whooping cough vaccine together during pregnancy. Previously it was recommended that they be given weeks apart. Immunizing the mother protects the baby as well, as pregnant women who catch the flu are at risk for serious complications.

The Doctors: Flu Season & Vaccines + Linda Gray Inspiration

The Doctors discussed the flu shot now that flu season is back, and why it’s important to protect yourself. (niaid / Flickr)


The Doctors: Company Employees At Risk After Syringes Re-Used

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, a nurse re-used syringes while administering flu shots to dozens of employees at a pharmaceutical company. Local health officials claim there is a low risk of infection from the re-used syringes, and the needles were not re-used, but it’s still recommended that the employees be checked for HIV and hepatitis B or C. In a statement by the pharmaceutical company, they said they were “alarmed at the breach and that employee health is its top concern.” The nurse administering the vaccines was an independent contractor.

The Doctors: Magazine Rejected Actress Linda Gray

The Doctors read a letter a woman received 55 years ago from a magazine, telling her she wasn’t the “exact type of girl” they were looking for for teir Glamour girl search. The beauty editor at the magazine even wrote “Perhaps if you changed your make up a little and tried some experimenting with new hair stylings, you too might very well shape into something.” It turns out that woman did “shape into something” as the letter was written to actress Linda Gray.

The Doctors: Linda Gray Inspiration

Linda joined The Doctors and shared that she keeps the letter framed on her desk. She also shared that the woman who wrote the letter is still alive at 90-years-old and said her assistant must have written the letter, because she would have never said something like that. Yeah right! The Doctors were right to say that Linda’s story can serve as a great reminder to all those dealing with online bullying, to take what is said with a grain of salt and use it as motivation! Linda said she always used it as motivation, rather than getting angry, and look where she is now!

Linda actually didn’t even become an actress and begin her career until she was in her thirties, which goes to show that your life doesn’t have to be all figured out in their 20’s. Dr Andrew Ordon said “some of us start in our fifties!” Linda actually recently wrote a memoire, “The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction” and shared that she never intended on writing a memoire but then people pointed out the fact that she was 75-years-old, so “if not now, when?”

As The Doctors said, happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a lifelong journey! Do you have a story similar to Linda’s to explain what keeps you motivated?


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