The Doctors: Flu Facts vs Flu Fiction: The Truth About the Flu


The Doctors did a segment called Fact From Fiction with the Flu.  How much do you know about the flu? The Doctors Flu Fact vs Flu Fiction

The Doctors: Can You Get the Flu From the Flu Vaccine?

Flu Fiction!  The Doctors said that you cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine because it is an inactivated form of the flu that simply causes your immune system to create an antibody response.  You can get a low grade fever, redness and soreness, but if you get the full blown flu, then that means you had the flu before you got the vaccine.  It takes a few weeks for your immune system to build up its response after you get the flu shot according to Jeff McClusky from CVS.  This is precisely why you should get the flu shot early.


The Doctors: Pregnant Women & Young Kids are at a Higher Risk for Flu-Related Complications?

Fact!  The Doctors said that pregnant women, young kids and older adults have the highest risk for flu-related complications such as Pneumonia and Bronchitis.

The Doctors: You Don’t Have to Get the Flu Shot Until January or February?

Fiction!  The Doctors said that the Flu Season starts in October, so you should get a shot around that time and not wait for the peak of the flu season.  So if you have not gotten your flu shot yet, get it today!  Also, keep in mind that you must get a new Flu Shot every year.  This year’s flu shot also covers the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu and 2 other forms of influenza.  Everyone over the age of 6 months should talk to their doctor about getting a flu shot.


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