The Doctors: Flash Flood Warning + Baby Shaken At Daycare


The Doctors: Accidental Snap Chat

If you’ve ever accidentally sent the wrong person a text and embarrassed yourself, you’re not alone. One young woman was using Snap Chat to send a picture of her bare chest to her boyfriend, but accidentally sent it to her boss instead. Her boss responded with a Snap Chat that acknowledged she probably didn’t mean to send it to him, but she needed to be more careful because he was her boss! Dr Andrew Ordon revealed that he accidentally sent a selfie of himself to a patient. It was revealed that Dr Ordon gets all kinds of images of body parts from people asking if swelling, bruising, or symmetry was normal.


The Doctors: Rat Found In Incubator With Infant

The Doctors: Flash Flood Warning + Baby Shaken At Daycare

The Doctors shared shocking footage of a sudden flash flood and explained why it’s so important to stay safe when one is possible. (archesnps / Flickr)

The Doctors then shared a viral video of a rat found inside an incubator with an infant. It happened in a hospital in Belize and it was found that the rat actually bit the premature baby. Apparently the rats took over the hospitals pantry, but the hospital released the following statement, which Dr Travis Stork called “humorous”: “It is unfortunate this situation happened and we regret that it happened to this child. We hope it would never happen again. We realize that it may have come in through the vent for th AC outlet.”


The Doctors: Flash Flood Dangers

The Doctors then switched gears a bit to talk about a recent flash flood that killed seven hikers in Zion National Park in Utah. One hiker captured the terrifying incident as he attempted to escape. You can clearly hear the urgency in his voice and Dr Travis explained that a flood comes fast and forcefully, taking with it anything in its path, including vehicles and humans. To survive a flash flood, it’s most important to get to an elevated area.

Jordan and Allie survived that flash flood and shared that footage. They were sitting in the audience and Jordan explained that at the visitors center, they were warned that there was a flash flood warning. However, the couple didn’t think twice about it because they were going up the mountain, and thought a flood only affected the water level of the river. They thought they would be okay. Allie’s advice was to keep in mind that humans aren’t invincible.

If there’s a risk of rain, whatever you do, don’t stop in a creek bed. A flash flood happens in seconds.

The Doctors: Shaken Baby At Daycare Caught On Tape

The Doctors then moved on to share another shocking incident that was caught on tape of a daycare worker vigorously shaking a baby. As a mother, it was incredibly tough to watch. Not only did the woman shake the baby, but she covered the baby’s face with a blanket. Dr Jennifer Ashton said shaken baby syndrome kills babies, and someone who would handle a baby in that manner, has no business working in a daycare center. Shaking a baby can lead to spontaneous head bleeds among other problems.

Ashley, the mother of the baby in the video, said she was shocked and disturbed to see what was happening to her daughter. Up until then, her experience with the daycare center was good. She said she never had any concerns up until that point. The daycare center has since been shut down and an investigation has been launched. She took her baby to the doctor, who said she was okay at that time, but moving forward she could struggle with speech and vision as she gets older.

The daycare worker that was shaking the baby has been arrested and charged with felony child abuse.


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