The Doctors: Fighting The Fat Gene


The Doctors: FTO, The Fat Gene

Dr. Travis Stork changed out of Richard Simmons’s Shorts and back into his own to continue the A To Z list. G is for Genetics, which some studies say have an effect on ability to lose weight. FTO, also called the Fat Gene, lost hope and binged on fatty foods instead of working out.

The Fat Gene, or FTO, may increase the likelihood that carriers will be overweight by at least 12%. 65% of European descendants and 44% of Asians may carry the gene.


The Doctors: First Lady Michelle Obama Jumping Jacks

The Doctors talked about First Lady Michelle Obama's World Record for Jumping Jacks. (Image Credit: K2 images /

The Doctors: Skinny Gene vs Fat Gene

Dr. Andrew Ordon said the Fat Gene, or FTO, is correlated with human obesity, but it is not a death sentence. Cambridge researchers found that an hour of exercise a week can negate the gene’s effects by 30%.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said the flip side is a Skinny Gene that promotes faster metabolism and less body fat. But people with the Skinny Gene still need to exercise and eat healthy to stay healthy.


The Doctors: Chinese White Tea Fights Fat

H is for Hot Tea. Drinking hot tea 20 minutes before you eat will fill up your stomach and keep you from overeating. Chinese white tea can even reduce growth of new fat cells, according to a German study.

The proteins in cow’s milk can negate some of these effects, so Dr. Stork suggested not making that tea a latte.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Ice Water Cuts Calories

I is for Ice Water. Drinking cold water requires your body to heat up the water so it can be used. You can burn 50 to 100 extra calories each day by drinking four to eight glasses of water. Another German study found that drinking two extra glasses of water per day can boost your  metabolism by 30%, Dr. Andrew Ordon reported.

First Lady Michelle Obama: Jumping Jacks World Record

J is for Jumping Jacks. First Lady Michelle Obama is committed to getting kids moving through her Let’s Move Campaign, to fight childhood obesity. She and a group of children did jumping jacks on the White House lawn to break a World Record.

Dr. Jim Sears introduced the Jumping Jim exercise. It is a classic jumping Jack, with side crunches thrown in to work the obliques. Dr. Andrew Ordon said he looked like Richard Simmons.

The Drs TV Show: Jumping Jim Contest

Dr. Travis Stork challenged Dr. Sears and Dr. Ordon to a 30-second Jumping Jim contest, as the audience, still on their exercise equipment, cheered them on. In the end, Jim did 16 and Drew did 14. But since Jim had the advantage, Dr. Stork declared it a tie.


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