The Doctors: Elizabeth Perkins Type I Diabetes & Symptoms of Diabetes


The Doctors: Elizabeth Perkins Type I Diabetes

Actress Elizabeth Perkins is known for her many film and TV roles, including one of Dr. Lisa Masterson’s favorites, Weeds. She’s also the star of the upcoming sitcom How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), premiering in April 2013 on ABC.

The Doctors: Elizabeth Perkins Type I Diabetes & Symptoms of Diabetes

Actress Elizabeth Perkins spoke publicly about her diagnosis of Type I Diabetes on The Doctors. (s_bukley /


However, Elizabeth joined The Doctors to discuss a far more serious issue. In 2005, Elizabeth was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. On The Doctors, she spoke publicly about her diabetes for the first time.

The Drs: Symptoms Of Diabetes

Elizabeth hadn’t been feeling well for several years prior to learning she had diabetes. Eventually, she was diagnosed with a simple fasting blood test. These are some of the common symptoms of diabetes that Elizabeth experienced.

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Weight Loss
  • Extreme Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred Vision

For a long time, Elizabeth didn’t tell anyone about her diagnosis. However, she soon took control of her health with the support of her husband. They both began eating better, exercising more and educating themselves.


Elizabeth Perkins: Diabetes Co-Stars Documentary

Elizabeth explained that people believe having diabetes means avoiding sugar, but that’s a major misconception. It’s more about controlling your diet and the types of carbohydrates you eat. For someone with diabetes, the pancreas does not produce its own insulin, so it’s important to make healthy eating choices.

Elizabeth loves to snack on kale chips, and she shared the way she prepares them at home. Simply buy fresh kale, break into pieces and bake at 300 degrees for a half hour. They’re the perfect healthy snack.

Elizabeth also shared news on her documentary, Diabetes Co-Stars, which she is currently filming along with her husband. The documentary will premiere May 4 2013 at the American Diabetes Association Expo in Los Angeles.


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