The Doctors: Earlobe Crease & Small Calves Predict Heart Disease


The Doctors: Heart Disease

Dr. Travis Stork reminded everyone that February is American Heart Health Month, and Heart Disease is America’s #1 killer. Dr. Lisa Masterson said 80 million Americans suffer from Cardiovascular Disease.

Dr. Travis asked an audience member to guess about three areas of the body that could give you warning signs about heart health. She suggested the chest, shoulder, and the forehead. Those are good guesses, and chest pain is a good place to start.


The Drs: Listen To Your Body Signs

Listening to your body and watching for signs like Earlobe Creases can help you catch Heart Disease early.

Heart Disease Warning Signs

But he said that Heart Attack Symptoms can occur and spread throughout the body, including the arm and jaw. Indications could seem like other conditions, such as reflux. Dr. Lisa stressed that subtle symptoms like Fatigue and Headaches are not to be taken lightly.

“43% of women who are having a Heart Attack will not have chest pain,” Dr. Travis said. You would notice abnormal fatigue, headaches, or other uncommon symptoms. It’s worth checking out if you are concerned about unusual changes and symptoms.


Earlobe Crease Heart Disease Sign

Dr. Travis shared some surprising symptom areas that could be associated with Heart Disease. According to one study, a Crease in one or both Earlobes could increase your Heart Disease Risk by up to 77%.

The theory is that Cholesterol and Plaque in your arteries can cut off blood flow to your earlobes, which could make these Creases more likely to form. Dr. Lisa stressed that this is an association, and has not been conclusively proven as of yet.

Elbow Bumps Heart Disease Sign

If you have weird bumps or Fat Deposits on your elbows, you may want to get them checked out. They can reflect high fat content in your bloodstream, which can contribute to Heart Disease.

Small Calves Increase Heart Disease Risk

Dr. Travis said another strange sign could be the size of your calves. But it may not be what you think. Women whose Calves measured less than 13” were at a higher risk for Carotid Plaque.

The idea here is that Calf Fat would contain fatty acids in the bloodstream. Dr. Travis demonstrated how muscles would absorb and retain fatty acids, which would actually contribute to more muscular rather than thick calves.

Dr. Travis said whether or not you have these signs or symptoms, it’s important to get regular checkups with your doctor to stay on top of your cardiovascular health.

Heart Health Tips

Dr. Travis suggested some easy ways you can improve your heart health.

Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea gives you antioxidants that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


These delicious nuts are low in fat, and the unsaturated fat they do have is the same as what’s found in Olive Oil.


Dr. Travis said middle aged adults should splurge on an extra hour of sleep every night, to cut their risk of coronary issues by up to 33%.


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