The Doctors: Dr. Phil Life Code Book Review & How To Relieve Anxiety


The Doctors: Dr. Phil McGraw Life Code

Dr. Phil McGraw came by The Doctors to promote his new book, Life Code: New Rules For Winning In The Real World. He said the book is about finding ways to win in your life and win big.

The first lesson to be aware of is blaming your lack of success on what Dr. Phil calls baiters, the bad people in your life that you don’t want to deal with, people who try to sabotage your efforts to win. These people are not the people to blame. You are the biggest reason you’re not winning. Dr. Phil said that if you don’t live an authentic life, true to yourself, it’s like trying to keep a beach ball under water. No mater what you do, you’ll wear yourself out.


The Doctors: Dr. Phil Life Code Book Review & How To Relieve Anxiety

Dr. Phil came by The Doctors to talk about his new book Life Code: New Rules For Winning In The Real World. (s_bukley /

The Drs: Dr. Phil McGraw Sweet Sixteen

Dr. Phil has a formula for success he calls the Sweet Sixteen. He said that he boiled all his tips for winning down to just 16 steps. This entire episode of The Doctors was all about the Sweet Sixteen.

The Doctors: Dr. Phil Talks To a Hypochondriac

A woman named Laura who said she had hypochondria came on the show. She said that constantly having anxiety and being afraid of disease and illness is ruining her life and is like living in a prison. Dr. Phil had some advice for her.


Hypochondria is a condition where someone is convinced they are ill in the face of medical evidence to the contrary. Laura said she’d been to the doctor 150 times in the last decade. Dr. Phil asked why she kept going to the doctor and what she got out of it. She said she got reassurance and he said that’s kind of like being an addict, because she keeps going to the hospital or the doctor to get her fix.

The Drs TV: Dr. Phil Helps Laura Relax

Dr. Phil said that Laura has a defined image of being crippled by hypochondria. He said that she needs to redefine herself, because when people look at her, they’re not seeing the image that she sees. She can rewrite the life she’s living, starting with the image. He said also that winners deal only with the truth and she was dealing with a delusional system of lies.

He said that she should have a responsible schedule of medical monitoring and deal with the anxiety for what it is and not the symptom of hypochondria. He told her to stand up and hold her arms out straight to her sides. Then, he instructed her to drop her arms, completely relaxing them. He told her to do it again and again and then asked her how it would feel if her whole body were as relaxed as her arms. She said it would be amazing.

Dr. Phil had Laura breathe deeply and slowly with her eyes closed, holding the breath in for 10 seconds. Laura said she felt a lot more relaxed and Dr. Phil said that if she could be that relaxed on national television, she could be that relaxed at home.


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