The Doctors: Dr Jim Sears & Potty Training Your Kids


Dr. Jim Sears: Potty Training House Call

With so much conflicting information and resources online about Potty Training Your Kids, Jeana is overwhelmed. She turned to Dr. Jim Sears for advice on Potty Training her son, Whistler.

Dr. Jim Sears said he likes to help kids have fun with Potty Training. They decorated his Potty Chair with stickers, and Dr. Sears suggested putting it next to the toilet.


Dr. Jim Sears: Potty Training

Potty Training your kid doesn't have to be a chore. By making it fun, you will get your child excited.

He also suggested using Potty Training as a reward for a milestone. For example, “When you turn 3, you get to go pee in the potty.” This will get your kid excited about it. Look for signs, like your child showing interest in learning about the potty.

The Doctors: Toilet Training Your Kids

Jeana and Whistler joined Dr. Sears and Dr. Travis Stork in the studio with an update on their Potty Training. She said that Dr. Sears suggested practicing outside, which she found to be very helpful because it reduces mess in the house.


Dr. Jim Sears said that going outside and freeing kids from diapers can help them learn about sensations that they don’t understand while they are wearing diapers. Jeana said that Whistler, who just turned 2, is still learning but she is pleased with his progress.

Dr. Jim Sears said you can also use a reward system, giving kids pennies as a reward for completing bathroom activities. Jeana said she uses stickers as a reward.

Dr. Sears also suggested target practice for boys, using Cheerios or other items in the bowl to entice boys into practicing. There are products called Tinkle Toys that are designed for this. Read about Why To Teach Your Kids To Wash Their Hands.

The Drs: Baking Soda Remedies

Dr. Travis Stork said every medicine cabinet should have Baking Soda in it. It has many benefits, including treating burns and sunburns, soothing Poison Ivy, and fighting Diaper Rash. It treats dandruff and works as a mouthwash. It’s a versatile substance, and Keeping Things Clean With Natural Products is good for your health. Lastly, don’t forget to wash your hands after using a public restroom!



  1. Cherri Seifert says

    My grandson is down syndrome. He is also 7 years old. He knows how to do potty, but refuses to. He is still in a diaper. I know that he has some sensory problems and maybe this is what is causing his delay in potting training. But I think my daughter could be just a little bit more firm with him, but she wont. Is there anything she can do to help him learn to go potty. This is a hard question because he is down syndrome.

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