The Doctors: Dr. Andrew Ordon Selfie & Is Dr. Phil Really Bald?


The Doctors: Dr. Phil McGraw Interview

Dr. Phil McGraw joined The Doctors for a light-hearted segment that revolved around dating advice, selfies, and a ridiculous rumor. First and foremost, he addressed a bizarre rumor regarding his signature bald head. Is Dr. Phil concealing his full head of hair in order to achieve a more “distinguished” look?

The Drs TV: Is Dr. Phil Really Bald?

Dr. Phil addressed a bizarre rumor and gave dating advice on The Doctors.

Dr. Phil addressed a bizarre rumor and gave dating advice on The Doctors. (s_bukley/


When Dr. Phil sat down, something did not look right with his hair. He pulled off a cap to reveal a full head of grey hair. Of course, it was all just a joke, and he pulled off the fake hair (once again) to reveal his bald head. He even let one audience member rub his head just to be sure. So, you can put those rumors to rest: Dr. Phil really is bald!

The Doctors: The Dr. Phil Translator

Have you ever received a confusing text message and wondered what it meant? Audience member Echo shard her confusing text from an ex, and needed some help translating. Dr. Travis called this “The Dr. Phil Translator.”

Echo explained that she had gone back-and-forth with her ex for quite some time, but ultimately, he chose another girl over her. He wrote:

  • “We go separate ways then… in the end a new beginning emerges day unto night, uncertain always.”

As Dr. Phil explained, this text is really just a fancy way of proving that he isn’t worth Echo’s time. He blamed “selective memories” for Echo’s problem; she doesn’t really miss him, but the guy she wishes he was.

Dr. Phil gave Echo the ultimate advice regarding bad relationships: “When you get out, stay out.”

Dr. Andrew Ordon Selfie

Finally, Dr. Andrew Ordon shared a “selfie” that “inadvertently went to a patient.” Dr. Phil said that he had two words for him: “delusional” and “unbridled narcissism.” I’m pretty sure it was a joke; at least, I hope it was!


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