The Doctors: Do Diet Mixers Make Alcohol Stronger?

The Doctors: Do Diet Mixers Get You Drunk Faster?

Would you believe that drinking alcohol with a diet mixer could actually lead to a higher blood-alcohol level? Researchers at Northern Kentucky University found that alcohol prepared with a diet mixer may increase your blood alcohol concentration by as much as 25% more than if you mixed it with a non-diet sugary mixture. The Doctors wanted to put it to the test with “hardcore science testing.”


They took two volunteers and set up a bar in the green room. Matt mixed one woman a drink with one mixer and the other a drink with a different mixer. Both the women weigh about the same and ate the same breakfast. They were going to consume two drinks and afterward, The Doctors would give them a live breathalyzer test to see if the diet mixer had an effect.

The Doctors: Do Diet Mixers Make Alcohol Stronger?

The Doctors put a recent study to the test to find out if diet mixers really affected the potency of alcohol. (9925629@N05 / Flickr)

Dr Rachael Ross was worried that people would use the advice to get more drunk. Dr Travis Stork said, more than anything, it’s important to know your own tolerance.


The Doctors: Diet Mixers Make Alcohol More Potent?

Later in the show, they welcomed the two women to join them on the stage, and Dr Jennifer Ashton pointed out that first woman looked “blasted” while the other looked a lot more put-together. Before revealing who had the diet mixer and who had the regular, they tested the women’s blood alcohol level. The first woman registered a .078 but admitted that she wouldn’t feel okay driving. The second woman blew a .073.

Dr Jennifer Ashton said she believes that what matters is the alcohol, not whatever you mix it with. It was revealed that the woman who registered a .078 was the one who drank the diet soda, and the bartender said he could absolutely tell that she was a little more tipsy. The Doctors made a point to say that the two women each had a ride home, so they weren’t putting them at risk.

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