The Doctors: Dental Tests: TMJ Test & Oral Cancer Screening


The Doctors TV Show today was on the topic of “What Tests Do I Need” and one area they covered was the Top Dental Tests that everyone must get.  We know that we should see our dentist 1-2 times a year, but do you know to ask for an Oral Cancer Screening, a Periodontal Test, a TMJ Test and a Disclosing Tablet Test? The Drs Dental Tests

The Drs: Oral Cancer Screening Test

Oral Cancer Screening is a test where they shine a light on the tissue in your mouth to see if there are any pre-cancerous cells or cancerous cells, which will show up as black under the special light.


The Drs: Periodontal Test

The Periodontal Test is where your dentist checks to see how much bone loss you have, because if you have too much bone loss, then you could lose your teeth.

The Drs: TMJ Test

The TMJ Test checks to see if you have TMJ, which is a painful problem with your jaw.  The Doctors showed how to do a TMJ Test Self-Exam.

The Drs: TMJ Self Exam

To do the TMJ Self Exam, place one hand on either side of your jaw and feel when you open and close your jaw.  If you feel a pop, click or pain when opening and closing your jaw, then see your dentist.  It is normal to feel your jaw move, but you should not feel clicking or discomfort.  If you do have TMJ, your dentist may give you a mouth guard and exercises to strengthen your jaw, or you may need steroid injections or even surgery to address the condition.




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