The Doctors: Dehumidifiers & Moisture Gauges Prevent Black Mold


The Doctors: How to Stop Your Umbrella From Getting Moldy

Dr. Jim Sears asked audience members how many times they’ve given their umbrella a quick shake and then quickly wrapped it up so that they could get inside during a rainstorm.

According to Dr. Sears, this could be putting your health at risk. A damp umbrella stashed in a dark closet is a playground for mold and mildew, which can lead to asthma, allergies and other health troubles.


The Doctors: How to Prevent Black Mold in Your Home

Black Mold can grow in more places in your home than you may think. It’s important to know how to prevent and get rid of mold before it becomes a big health problem.

Dr. Sears recommends leaving your umbrella open on your porch or in your garage until it’s completely dry. If you already have a moldy umbrella, a solution of tea tree oil and water can fix your problems.

The Doctors: Small Amount of Moisture Can Lead to Mold

Dr. Travis Stork said that even a small amount of moisture in a dark place can lead to mold spores. Mold can be anything from an annoyance, to an allergen, to something that is deadly. The smell of mold can more than double a child’s chances of getting asthma.


Most people think of mold happening in kitchens and bathrooms, but it also could happen in your closet!

The Doctors: Common Mold Symptoms

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that putting wet clothes or wet shoes back into your closet can lead to a mold problem, and you can get pretty sick. The common mold symptoms are similar to that of a cold: sneezing, running or stuffy nose, cough and itchy or watery eyes.

Many people would brush these symptoms off as just a cold, but if this is an ongoing problem, it could be from mold.

The Doctors: Aspergillus Vs Black Mold

The scary thing about mold is that you won’t always see it. However, there are several things that you should look for. Aspergillus is one type of mold, and it looks like black speckles. Aspergillus is a common type of mold that leads people to be hospitalized.

Stachybotrys is the “black mold” that you hear about in the headlines. Mold is dangerous for everyone, especially anyone with a compromised immune system, children, pets, the elderly and pregnant women.

There have been no clear signs that say mold causes birth defects in babies. However, it can lead to respiratory problems in pregnant women, headaches and preterm labor.

The Doctors: Moisture Gauges and Dehumidifiers

The most important way to prevent mold is to watch the moisture in your house. You can purchase an inexpensive moisture gauge at your hardware store, and you want to aim to keep the moisture below 50%.

If you live in a humid place, adehumidifier might be a good idea.


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