The Doctors: Dating Advice + Online Profile Tips & Compatibility

The Doctors: Simple Dating Advice

The Doctors set up relationship therapist Chris Donahue behind the scenes at their studio, before inviting producers and other staff members to sit down with him one-on-one to ask for advice. The first woman wondered when she should start doing “girlfriend tasks” for the man she was dating, such as cooking dinner, and Chris said “as soon as you want” because you want to be authentic and do what feels comfortable to you. As for when it’s the right time to have the “boyfriend-girlfriend” talk, Chris said it’s not about the time, but instead about checking all aspects of your compatibility.


Chris also suggested that you not put a time limit on a relationship, even if your goal in the end is to get married. You don’t want to risk a relationship over a piece of jewelry, so he suggested you instead focus on love, commitment, and care, which you can achieve without a ring! If you just went on a first date, it’s okay to text them right after because someone who is interested, will like receiving signs of interest. To start dating if you’re not, go online!

The Doctors: Dating Advice + Online Profile Tips & Compatibility

Relationship therapist Chris Donahue shared his best advice for those exploring the world of dating. (emilyrachelhildebrand / Flickr)


The Doctors: Successful Online Dating

If you want to begin online dating, it’s important to be as open as possible. Chris suggested you avoid “over-identifying with something” and have a neutral profile instead. Don’t make a list of your wants, but instead be open and honest with all potential matches. If you begin dating, the most common mistake people make is waiting too long to contact the person. If you’re interested, don’t play games! Text the person and tell them what a good time you had and ask about seeing them again. Think about how great you feel when you get a text from someone you’re hoping to hear from!

If you want to be sure that your relationship is going to last, you should assess their dating skills in general. Chris suggested you see if your boyfriend or girlfriend is friends with any of their exes, saying that if they weren’t able to lovingly end and leave a relationship, then it’s a bad sign. If the person you’re with talks poorly of all their exes, it’s a bad sign, because that could be you at some point!

The Doctors: Be Open While Dating

The producer who asked about cooking dinner, shared that she actually plans on making lasagna for her date this weekend. Shima explained that when dating, she’s worried about coming on too strong too soon. But this time she wanted to be more open, so she invited her date to come over for a home-cooked meal.


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