The Doctors: Dangerous Synthetic Marijuana, K2 + Selfie Password


The Doctors: Shocking Video Of Mom High On Synthetic Marijuana

The Doctors kicked off their April 21 episode by discussing synthetic marijuana, also known as K2. Abuse of K2 has been on the rise and recently, a video of the woman who got “high” on the drug went viral. The woman was later arrested, not only because she was taking the drug, but because she was supposed to be taking care of her son. Dr Travis Stork warned viewers that the video was truly troubling. In it, the woman is seen wobbling back and forth on the floor of what looks like her balcony, while her baby boy cries next her.


The 18-year-old mother can be seen convulsing, twitching, and rolling around. She has now been charged with one count of third degree domestic violence and reckless endangerment. The troubling part is that you can enter a so-called “spice shop” and purchase the synthetic marijuana. Mind-altering chemicals are sprayed onto dried substances to make K2 and the truth is that you have no idea how strong it’s going to be or what is cut with it.

The Doctors: Dangerous Synthetic Marijuana, K2 + Selfie Password

After a shocking video of a mom high on synthetic marijuana went viral, The Doctors explained why no one should consider using it. (666_is_money / Flickr)

If anything, K2 could be even more dangerous than marijuana. Dr Jennifer Ashton pointed out that your first time trying synthetic marijuana could be your last.


The Doctors: Anti-Identity Theft Selfie?

Moving on, it was reported that MasterCard recently announced they are launching a new anti-identity theft initiative. Instead of a numerical password or fingerprint, you would take a selfie and blink while taking it to show proof of life. You have an option to use a fingerprint instead of the picture, but of those surveyed, 95% of fingerprint-users and 80% of facial recognition users indicated that shopping became more convenient using the technology.

Dr Andrew Ordon reported that identity theft and fraud is a $16.3 billion problem worldwide. Google is also testing new technology that would use your voice as another layer of security.

The Doctors: Fined For Belching In Public

Next, The Doctors showed a photo of a man from Vienna, Austria, who was visiting an amusement park and enjoying some lunch. Afterward, he stood up and burped, and received a ticket from a police officer within a minute of his bodily function. He was cited for outraging public decency by belching toward two police officers from a very close difference. He had to pay $84.95. Dr Ashton stated that more than likely, it was a very dramatic, outward belch, as opposed to politely burping. But Dr Stork was still appalled by the idea of getting a ticket for a normal bodily function.

The Doctors: Anonymously Tell Someone They Smell?

Speaking of bodily functions, what if you have a friend who stinks? Apparently now you can send an anonymous package to the person that tells them they smell, and offers them wipes to freshen up. Dr Stork believes that most of the time, it’s just better to say it in person. But at the same time, there is such thing as too much cologne, so you can’t take it overboard by trying to cover up your stench!

What do you think is the best way to go about telling someone they smell bad?


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