The Doctors: Crunch Broadway Dance Workout & Prescription Weight Gain


The Doctors: Prescription Weight Gain

If you’re trying to shrink your waistline but don’t seem to be getting results, you may need to get more creative. The Doctors have already resorted to a Chocolate Cake Diet and Holiday Calorie Quiz to look for unique solutions. Next, they turned to the medicine cabinet to warn about prescription weight gain. They also sent Dr Jim Sears to the gym for a Broadway Dance Workout.

Anne from Pennsylvania recently started taking medication for high blood pressure. She’s also noticed that she has gained a few pounds, though her diet routine has not changed. Is this a medication side effect? The Doctors said there is no easy answer. Each person reacts differently to medication, but it’s possible that weight gain is a side effect in this situation.


The Doctors: Crunch Broadway Dance Workout

Could dancing like the stars make your workout more fun? The Doctors reviewed the Crunch Broadway Dance workout class.

Dr Travis Stork said that certain medications have noticeable side effects. Some older Beta Blockers slow the heart rate, for example. That can lead to a slower metabolism. If you combine that with a less active routine, due to fatigue and other health concerns, you might really notice a difference.

The Drs: Prescriptions, Metabolism & Weight Gain

Some seizure medications have been shown to increase appetite and related weight gain. That’s because the medicines either boost your appetite or lower your metabolism, either of which can end in extra pounds. Migraine medications and antidepressants can have similar effects.


Dr Andrew Ordon said that antihistamines for allergies are also culprits when it comes to slowing the metabolism and affecting appetite. Dr Lisa Masterson said women often complain about weight gain with birth control pills, which could be a hormonal issue for some patients. She said that you shouldn’t stop taking a medication until you consult with your doctor to see what other options are out there for you.

“If a particular medicine doesn’t work for you, oftentimes there are other alternatives,” Dr Travis Stork said.

The Doctors: Crunch Dance Workout

Slimming down usually means moving more, and that’s why Dr Jim Sears went to a Crunch gym to try a popular new workout for himself. The showtune inspired routines of the Broadway Dance Workout are designed to incorporate famous Broadway moves and music, according to instructor Madonna Grimes.

Dr Jim Sears said he had a little trouble acclimating, since the other students knew the moves. Though he figured out the jazz hands, his instructor was worried about his footwork.

Crunch Broadway Dance Workout Review

Though the Broadway Dance Workout might not be for everyone, it definitely looked more peppy than the average fitness class. Dr Jim did say he managed to pull his hamstring at the end of the class, so he suggested stretching first.

Back in the studio, Dr Jim taught the rest of The Doctors one of the kick steps he learned. Then they devolved into an uncoordinated chorus line. I doubt we’ll be seeing any of these physicians on stage anytime soon. But you can check for a Crunch location near you, or ask your local gym if they have any similar classes to get you moving in a fun and fabulous way.


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