The Doctors: Cracking the Personality Code & Successful Flirting


The Doctors August 17: Cracking the Code

The Doctors August 17 was all about cracking the code: to your personality, to your body, to your foods, and more. As usual, we were joined by Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Jim Sears, Dr. Lisa Masterson, Dr. Andrew Ordon. Kicking things off was Dr. Stork with a new study that could unlock the key to your personality: Does your heartbeat say anything about who you are?

The Doctors: Heartbeat Personality Indicator

A study out of the Freie University of Berlin suggested that your heartbeat can be a large indicator of your personality. Like personality itself, each heartbeat is unique; each one has a signature, and while a low signature can mean anxiety and depression, a high signature can indicate positivity, happiness, and even romance.


Heartbeat & Personality: The Doctors

The Doctors asked, does your heartbeat indicate personality?

Dr. Stork explained that this study examines the amplitude of an EKG. A lower amplitude indicates that a person is more likely to be negative and depressed, while a higher amplitude suggests a person is more social and positive.

The Doctors: Five Types of Flirting and Rates of Success

Speaking of the heart… The Doctors wondered, does good flirting equal a good relationship? A new study suggests that your favorite pick-up line– or, more importantly, your style of flirting– could predict your chance at a successful relationship.


There are five different types of flirting, and how you flirt actually says a lot about your chances a love.

1. The Physical Flirt

This person enjoys communicating through touch– although as Dr. Sears pointed out, not groping!

2. The Traditional Flirt

This is the type of flirt where the man takes the lead and makes most of the moves.

3. The Playful Flirt

The playful flirt looks at flirting as a game, and loves the excitement of the chase.

4. The Polite Flirt

The polite flirt is not aggressive, and usually slow to approach.

5. The Sincere Flirt

The sincere flirt is genuinely interested in establishing an emotional connection.

So, which one is it that gives you the best chance at love? It’s actually a combination of three: a cross between the physical, the playful, and the sincere. However, Dr. Stork said that the most important key to flirting is just being yourself.


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