The Doctors: Couch Surfing Dangers & Bacon Health Alternatives


The Doctors: Couch Surfing

Internet videos have provided us all with countless hours of entertainment, but do they encourage reckless kids to attempt dangerous stunts? Couch Surfing is when you tow a sofa behind a car or truck. As the driver navigates streets and even highways, passengers ride along behind the vehicle, sitting on the couch as it fishtails through traffic.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said it’s scary and called it “a guy thing,” saying girls aren’t as thrill-seeking as boys. Dr. Andrew Ordon tried to look for the silver lining, which I guess is that at least they are being active. That seems like a stretch. Sitting on the couch in your living room seems healthier than having it dragged behind a truck on the freeway.


The Doctors: Bacon Alternative

Learn about the possible health benefits of bacon, and healthy alternatives to this favorite food.

The Drs TV: Couch Surfing Vs Mattress Surfing

Then Dr. Jim Sears said that fame and attention from Internet videos can lead to competitions and encourage risky behavior. Dr. Travis Stork said that Couch Surfing is more dangerous than Mattress Surfing, pointing out that a couch could disintegrate or catch fire, in addition to other risks.

The Doctors reported that a 22-year-old man was recently killed doing this on icy roads. “The couch actually catapulted into oncoming traffic,” Dr. Travis said. “This is not something you want to engage in.”


The Doctors: Bacon Apocalypse Now

Many of us love the aroma of bacon sizzling in the morning, though I guess not everyone is a fan. The Doctors looked at highlights from a festival called Bacon Apocalypse Now in Des Moines, Iowa. All kinds of foods and recipes were involved in the festival, which served 3.5 tons of bacon.

The Drs TV: Bacon Products

The Doctors showed off some crazy bacon flavored products, including popcorn, candy, and even toothpaste or breath mints. Dr. Lisa Masterson loved the bacon ice cream, while Dr. Jim asked about Bacon Lube, which Dr. Travis reported is “the world’s first bacon flavored massage oil and personal lubricant,” going on to discover that the product is marketed to people who want to safely incorporate bacon into the bedroom.

How do you like your bacon?

The Doctors: Bacon & Health

Oleic Acid is one of the health benefits of bacon, though it is present in negligible amounts. “I’m still not sold that bacon can be healthy,” Dr. Jim Sears said. Dr. Lisa said that Choliene could help with natal brain development, and it’s present in pork. But Dr. Jim said eggs have twice as much Choliene as bacon.

The Drs TV: Bacon Alternatives

Dr. Andrew Ordon showed Beef Bacon and Turkey Bacon alternatives. Dr. Jim said that the nitrates, preservatives used in bacon, can be harmful for children.

The Doctors recommended moderation as well as choosing products low in chemicals and sodium.


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