The Doctors: Cooking Spray VS Oil + Magic Yarn Project


The Doctors: Non-Stick Cooking Spray VS Oil

In yet another Which is Worse segment, The Doctors wanted to find out which was worse: non-stick cooking sprays or oil? There are more than 500 servings in one can of cooking spray, but a serving is 1/3 of a second-long spray. Dr Travis Stork agreed that there was certainly a place for non-stick spray, but whenever possible, you want to use oils. Combine a cup of your favorite oil with a tablespoon of water and then add it to a spray bottle, and you have your own oil spray!


Dr Travis Stork likes to apply coconut oil to his skin, so he slathered it all over his elbows during the segment! They then revealed the word of the day which was natural! To win a BistroMD starter kit, go to The Doctors website to enter for a chance to win, using the word natural!

The Doctors: Cooking Spray VS Oil + Magic Yarn Project

Which is better to cook with, cooking spray or oil? (jeepersmedia / Flickr)


The Doctors: Magic Yarn Project For Pediatric Cancer Patients

Next, The Doctors reported that an Alaskan mother has found a way to bring joy to children fighting cancer. Holly is a former nurse that started the Magic Yarn project, after realizing what a difference a Rapunzel yarn wig made for a friend’s daughter. Because traditional wigs can be heavy and scratchy, Holly started to make yarn wigs attached to a soft beanie, so that they’re comfortable to wear for the kids.

The Doctors: Fit To Fat To Fit Show

For the Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that A&E will premiere a controversial new transformation show where fitness trainers actually gain weight in order to go on the weight loss journey with their clients. It’s called Fit to Fat to Fit and the show will follow 10 trainers on their weight-cycling journeys to show their own clients that it is possible to lose weight. One trainer already quit because of the emotional strain, while another trainer’s weight gain was stopped because of a medical condition.

The Doctors: Man Started Apartment Fire Over Bed Bugs

It was then reported that a 30-year-old Detroit man is recovering from burns from a fire he started in attempt to kill bed bugs. It was reported that the man doused himself and his couch with alcohol and then tried to light one of the bugs on fire. The fire spread, destroying four apartments in the man’s building. Residents say the apartment building is infested with bed bugs, even though exterminators had been coming twice a month. Detroit is currently ranked as the most bed-bug infested city in the U.S.

The Doctors: David Bowie Death

David Bowie was a private person throughout his life, but especially during the time leading up to his death. When Bowie passed away January 10, few details were given. What is known is that Bowie battled cancer for 18 months and a Dutch radio station reported that he had liver cancer. It’s also known that in the past year, Bowie had planned events as a probable “farewell.” David Bowie was 69-years-old.

The Doctors: Stop Emotional Eating

To curb emotional eating right away, watch a funny video! Laughter can decrease anxiety and stop obsessive thoguhts about food! Dr Travis Stork reported that the average 4-year-old laughs 300 times a day, and the average 40-year-old, just four times a day.


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