The Doctors: Cold Feet Home Remedy, Athlete’s Foot & Thick Nails


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of “Secrets Your Feet Tell About Your Health.”  A few of the topics that The Drs TV Show spoke about in this particular segment were Cold Feet, Athlete’s Foot, and Thick Toenails.

The Doctors TV Show: Thick Nails Caused by FungusThe Doctors Cold Feet Treatments

The Doctors said that if you have thick nails, it is often caused by fungus. PediFix is a great soap to use to wash you feet with to help prevent fungus from growing on your nails.


The Doctors TV Show: Growth On Top Of Foot

A lady asked The Doctors about an unusual growth that she had on the top of her foot near the bone.  She thought that it would get better after wearing orthotics, but it is still there.  The Doctors said that anytime you have any growth on your foot, you should see your doctor.

The Doctors TV Show: Athlete’s Foot

The Doctors said that often, if the soles of your feet are peeling, then it is a sign of Athlete’s Foot.  Whenever someone in my family gets Athlete’s Foot, I always pull out the Lotrimin Ultra, because that seems to work the quickest.

The Doctors TV Show: Deep Foot Cracks

Another lady asked The Doctors what she can do about super dry feet with Deep Foot Cracks.  The Doctors said that the best thing to do is to apply a moisturizer at night.  One of my favorite treatments is to apply a generous amount of lotion to my feet right before I go to bed, and then I cover my feet with Aquabella Moisturizing Socks. The next morning I always wake up with feet that are as soft as a baby’s bottom!


The Doctors TV Show: Cold Feet Causes

The Doctors received a question from a couple – Heather and Colin- because no matter what season it is, Heather’s feet are always freezing cold.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that Cold Feet can be caused by having less body fat than your husband, so he is comfortable at cooler temperatures than you.  But Cold Feet can also be a sign of Anemia, Raynaud’s Disease, Diabetes and Thyroid Disorders.  Also, if you have numbness or tingling in your feet, it could be a real problem.  Another reason to be concerned is if you never had cold feet and now all of a sudden you have begun to get cold feet.

The Doctors: Cold Feet Rice Remedy

The Doctors said that a great Cold Feet Home Remedy is to make a little pouch out of fabric and to fill it with rice.  Then place the pouch in the microwave for 30 seconds and it becomes like a heat pack because the rice retains heat for a long time.  Plus, the heat pack is reusable.  Or you can use HeatMax Hand & Feet Warmers for keeping your hands and feet warm when you are on-the-go!

The Doctors: 6 P’s of Feet Emergencies

Dr Travis Stork said that there are 6 “p” words that can indicate emergency situations with respect to your feet: pulseless, polar (cold), painful, paresthesias (numbness), paralysis or pale.  If you get any or all of these, it could be a sign of Peripheral Arterial Disease or PAD, which can cause you to even lose a foot, especially in older patients or smokers – so do not delay and go to the emergency room right away!


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