The Doctors: Cold Cap Therapy Stops Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy


The Doctors: Stop Anxiety By Warming Your Hands

Did you know when you become anxious your nervous system directs blood flow to the largest organs in the body? This could be the reason your hands become cold. The Doctors suggested warming your hands when you become cold to make the anxiety go away.

The Doctors also pointed out it is normal to have anxiety, called situational anxiety, that comes from having a big test coming up or having to score the game winning goal in a sports match. When the anxiety you feel starts to affect your life, called generalized anxiety disorder, you should see a physician to get help.


Trisha Worries About Losing Hair During Chemotherapy

Trisha said she was living an amazing life before January 2011, when she did a self-examination of her own breasts and found a large lump. A few days later she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy to fight the cancer.

While Trisha was worried about getting her health back, it was her own daughter who made her anxious about losing her hair. Her daughter told her she didn’t want her mother to lose her hair because she didn’t want her mother to be ugly. It impacted Trisha profoundly and she immediately began looking for ways to stop her hair from falling out.


Cold Cap Therapy Review

She remembered her mother saying cancer patients in England would put bags of ice on their heads to stop hair from falling out. She searched the internet for how it worked and came across Penguin Cold Caps, a product that stopped the hair loss side effect of chemotherapy.

“It was important for me to have control over something,” she said of her decision to wear the penguin cap.

How Does Chemotherapy Work?

To help explain how the chemotherapy works, The Doctors brought on Dr. Lawrence Piro. Dr. Piro explained that the radiation from the chemotherapy circulates throughout the body and kills all the dividing cells in it’s path, even dividing cells that are not cancerous. This can cause mouth sores, diarrhea and hair loss.

The Doctors: Cold Cap Therapy Stops Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy

The Doctors talked with Trisha, a women diagnosed with breast cancer who turned to cold cap therapy to prevent the hair loss side effect of chemotherapy.

Cold Cap Therapy For Cancer Patients

While some cancer patients are not worried about their hair loss, some believe it is important to look normal to feel normal.

While you may have never heard of a cold cap before, Dr. Piro said they were invented in the 1980s but were stepped away from for two reasons:

  1. The cold cap treatments were not as effective as they are today.
  2. Back then it was either be cured of cancer or die from cancer. Now, people who have untreatable cancer can live for many years after the diagnosis.

How Does Cold Cap Therapy Work?

Dr. Piro explained that when the cold cap is worn, it fits perfectly on the head, forming as best it can to your head and pressing right against the hair follicles. When the cap is cooled to -32 degrees, 50 minutes before the chemotherapy starts, the cold constricts the blood vessels meaning less of the chemotherapy drugs can get to the hair follicle.

The other important part of the cold cap is it’s ability to cool the hair follicles enough to slow their metabolism thus allowing less of the chemotherapy to damage the hair follicles.


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