The Doctors: Closet Intervention – Closet Fire & Safety Hazards


The Doctors: What’s Hiding in Your Closet?

The Doctors asked several viewers to share what was hiding in their closets.

The first girl’s closet was a total mess, and she said she’s been told she needs a closet intervention. She had a lot of items in plastic containers, and whatever didn’t fit in the containers was just sitting around the bottom of the closet.


She also had water bottles in her closet for when she gets thirsty. Her laundry basket was overflowing.

The next girl had piles and piles of clothes in the bottom of her closet. There were probably more clothes on the floor than on hangers.

Another girl had a walk in closet for her shoes, but she couldn’t get to it because she had lots of clothes hanging on the door.


The last girl, Allison, showed off her mom’s closet and begged for help to get her organized.

The Doctors: Sandy’s Unorganized Closet

The Doctors: Closet Intervention

Do you need a Closet Intervention? Harmful dust that can cause asthma and allergies could be lurking in your closet. One in every eight house fires begins in the closet.

The Doctors’ team invited Allison’s mom Sandy on the show to talk about her closet. Sandy said her closet is like a maze and she’s too stressed to deal with it because she doesn’t know how to fix it.

The show recreated Sandy’s closet on the stage. Dr. Lisa Masterson said that the problem with all the crammed boxes in Sandy’s closet wasn’t just about being disorganized, but the potential health risks.

The Doctors: Health Hazards from Your Closet

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends that once a year your empty out your closet to get rid of harmful dust, which can cause asthma, allergies and respiratory infections. This segment has really inspired me to clean out my closet!

Dr. Travis Stork said that he’s seen a lot of people in the emergency room who have broken bones and other injuries from climbing on things in their closet to reach something. That alone is a good reason to get yourself organized!

The biggest danger with a cluttered closet is that everything could go up in flames…literally. One in every eight house fires start in a closet. Orange County firefighter Luke Perisin explained how this can happen.

The Doctors: How to Avoid a Closet Fire

Some light bulbs burn up to 575 degrees. Wool ignites at 482 degrees and cotton ignites at 442 degrees. A simple thing like remembering to turn off the 40 watt light bulb in your closet can save you from sparking a fire.

To avoid putting your closet and family at risk, keep your belongings 12 inches away from light fixtures. Never store anything in plastic bags near a light bulb, and check to make sure your bulbs are properly installed.

The top of a closet might seem like the perfect place to hide Christmas presents, but just imagine how quickly that paper can catch on fire. I guess I’ll have to find a new hiding spot to stash my husband’s Christmas gifts!

Stacy was guilty of having clothes right up against a lightbulb. Dr. Masterson informed Stacy that the Closet Factory was going to come to her house and do a complete makeover on her closet.


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