The Doctors: Chronic Breast Pain & Relief + Vitamin D Deficiency

The Doctors: Chronic Extreme Breast Pain

For 80% of women, breast pain is normal at some point in their lifetime. But one woman named Jordan, says her pain is so severe, she wants her breasts removed entirely. Jordan’s breasts started to develop when she was 12-years-old, and although it was pretty painful, she thought it was completely normal. It felt like a constant, dull pressure, as if something was always pressing on her chest. When she was 17-years-old, she found a lump in her breast. Doctors told her it was fibroid, and also found six others. They thought that removing the tumors would relieve her pain, but it didn’t make a difference at all.


Some days, Jordan’s pain is so severe that she’s unable to lift her arms, and because she’s a track athlete, she’s constantly dealing with even more intense pain while trying to run and jump. Because of the pain, Jordan has considered a bilateral mastectomy to completely remove her breasts and take away the pain. Her parents agreed to support her if she chooses to undergo the surgery, because they don’t want to worry about their daughter and see her suffer any longer.

The Doctors: Chronic Breast Pain & Relief + Vitamin D Deficiency

A young woman turned to The Doctors for help after suffering from severe breast pain for ten years. (12725519@N07 / Flickr)


The Doctors: Diagnosing Mysterious Breast Pain

Jordan went to see Dr Kristine Slam, who noticed that there didn’t seem to be one or two spots that were particularly tender for Jordan, but instead both breasts were equally tender all over. Jordan also shared that she did seem to struggle with fatigue in the morning, so it was suggested that she start keeping a journal. She was asked to write down on each day of the month, what her pain level was and when she started her menstrual cycle. Jordan had the arm implant form of birth control, and Dr Slam suggested that she have it removed to stop any hormonal medications. Dr Slam also wanted to check Jordan’s thyroid function and vitamin D levels.

The Doctors: Breast Pain Relief & Remedies

Jordan and Dr Kristi Funk joined the show, with Dr Slam on Skype. Dr Slam explained that it’s rare to have someone as young as Jordan feel like she’s left with no other option but to remove her breasts. Dr Funk explained that most breast pain isn’t as severe as Jordan’s and is usually pretty manageable. Most of the time, the pain comes from hormonal fluctuations affecting the breast tissue. Dense breast tissue has receptors on it, and when you get a surge of estrogen, those receptors are flooded, causing them to swell, leading to some slight pain. That pain accounts for 90% of breast pain. It should also be known that 6% of cancers present with the first sign being pain. Sometimes fluid-filled cysts can swell causing pain as well.

If you have basic pain, try evening primrose oil, vitamin E, and vitamin D. Jordan is actually vitamin D deficient, so that “cocktail” could be a great solution for her. But she needed to take high doses of vitamin D while monitoring her pain. Dr Funk also suggested she try iodine, acupuncture, herbal teas, and dietary changes.

Have you experienced breast pain in the past? If so, did you find a treatment that worked for you?


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