The Doctors: Christine Schwab & The New Arthritis


The Doctors: Christine Schwab Rheumatoid Arthritis

Christine Schwab is a fashion & style consultant who is finally opening up about her arthritis, which was diagnosed in 1990. She said it is the most prevalent disabling disease in America. She said she associated arthritis with old age, and felt she could not talk about this disease because of the stigma.

Christine said she would have to take pain pills or steroids to get through dinners or public appearances. But she got into a research program at UCLA, where she discovered a drug that put her in remission for 14 years. She said you have to control your ownership of a chronic illness.


The Doctors: The New Arthritis

Despite the stigma, Arthritis can affect anyone, at any age, including hundreds of thousands of children.

Her advice is that if one drug doesn’t work for you, there may be another one out there that might. She said it’s important to have a doctor that gives you hope and treatment options.

The Drs TV Show: Christine Schwab Arthritis Advocate

Christine Schwab joined The Doctors to share more about her story. Dr. Travis Stork said 50 million people are suffering from arthritis. Christine added that there are over 300,000 Children With Arthritis, and there are over 100 different kinds of arthritis-related diseases.


Dr. Travis Stork said that Rheumatoid Arthritis is caused by your body’s immune system attacking your joints, and it can happen at any age. But controlling your symptoms can decrease long term damage.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that she has known doctors who have struggled with the condition as well, and had to learn how to be able to work despite having arthritis.

Christine Schwab: Take Me Home From The Oscars

Christine Schwab has written a book about her life, called Take Me Home From The Oscars: Arthritis, Television, Fashion And Me. In it, she shares her story of struggling with arthritis. Now she hopes to help break the stigma of associating arthritis with old age.

Christine said that it can affect anyone at any age. Dr. Travis Stork said that there is no known cure, but there are a variety of treatments available. Treatments include anti-inflammatories, immuno-modulators, and occupational and physical therapies that may help sufferers.

Christine said many potentially helpful drugs are awaiting FDA approval. She said her message is, “Never give up. There’s so much hope, and that’s why I call it The New Arthritis.”

Dr. Travis Stork said if you have joint pain, you should have your doctor look at it. The studio audience got Christine’s book for free, but you can click here to purchase Take Me Home From The Oscars.


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