The Doctors: Chicken Pox Lollipops & Lower Testosterone In Men


Dr. Lisa Masterson: What To Do If Your Doctor Discriminates

Dr. Lisa Masterson reported that a group of OB/GYN doctors in Florida set a weight limit for new patients. According to news reports, overweight patients are complaining about discrimination. People in the community have reacted with differing opinions on whether doctors should be allowed to discriminate based on weight.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that obesity can cause more complications for patients, which may result in negative consequences to the doctor if something goes awry in the course of caring for the patient. She said that no doctor should ever turn away a patient.


The Doctors: Chicken Pox Lollipops

Would you intentionally infect your child with Chicken Pox using candy?

Dr. Travis Stork said if your doctor discriminates or makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to find another doctor. Your doctor should work with you to help you achieve your ideal weight.

The Doctors: Chickenpox Parties

Dr. Travis Stork recalled a phenomenon called Chicken Pox Parties, where parents intentionally expose their children to the Chicken Pox. Parents are using sites like Facebook to connect with other families and expose their children to Chicken Pox.

Now, some on the Internet are even selling Chicken Pox Lollipops, which have been licked by children who are sick with Chicken Pox, and are given to kids who have not been exposed to the virus. This could expose children to other diseases as there’s no way to know what other medical problems might exist in the children involved in licking or otherwise producing these lollipops.


The Doctors: Chickenpox Lollipops

Dr. Travis Stork said a Nashville woman was selling these Chicken Pox Lollipops online for $50 each. Sending viruses across state lines is a felony. Dr. Lisa Masterson said there are potentially huge health ramifications for kids, and Dr. Travis Stork said it’s unlikely the virus would even survive while the lollipop was in transport.

Dr. Jim Sears shared viewer reaction from the Internet. More than 400 people responded, some calling it child abuse and others felt this procedure was no worse than vaccination. He said there is a lot of misinformation out there about vaccinations.

The Drs TV: Are Men Becoming Less Manly?

People on the street said men today are less manly than they were 20 years ago. Dr. Travis Stork cited US and European medical studies that show biological changes in men. Average testosterone dropped 22% from 1987 to 2004. Sperm counts are decreasing by 1.5% each year. Penile birth defects are also on the rise.

Dr. Travis Stork said his opinion is that men are becoming less manly in other ways as well. He said they no longer know how to fix cars, for example. Dr. Lisa Masterson said that society has shifted toward technology, and with more women in the workplace, men are pitching in more around the house and when it comes to childcare.

The Doctors agree that men need to be role models for their children. Dr. Travis Stork said it’s not known what is causing the lower testosterone levels shown in the studies.


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