The Doctors: Chicken Nugget & Soda Gadget & Guilt Free Chocolate


The Doctors did a show called How the #17 Will Change Your Life.  The Drs (Dr Andrew Ordon, Dr Travis Stork, Dr Jim Sears and Dr Lisa Masterson) brought on Mike Moreno, author of The 17 Day Diet (you can read the recap of what Mike Moreno said about his diet plan here: 17 Day Diet).  Just in time for the holidays too, so now we can learn how to shrink our waists and feel like a new person in just 17 days.  The principles behind the diet are to lose weight in a healthy time frame, to stabilize yourself, and to avoid boredom and plateaus (the worst part about many diets today!).  But first, here are some tidbits of fun trivia from The Drs TV Show today: The Doctors Guilt Free Chocolate Fix

The Doctors: Chicken Nugget & Soda Gadget

Dr Travis Stork showed a new invention from a South Korean restaurant which looked like a giant cup full of soda with a section built into the top of the cup for chicken nuggets.  So you can grab a nugget, eat it, and sip soda all at the same time.  Let this be a reminder to you that just because things are convenient does not mean they are good for you.  I thought that the idea to put peanuts on the top and beer in the cup was a great idea for at the ballpark though.  I hope the South Korean inventors were watching The Doctors TV Show today!


The Doctors: GTL iPhone App Review

If you are a fan of the Jersey Shore, then you might be a fan of the new GTL iPhone App.  GTL stands for gym, tanning and laundry of course and the GTL App will help you to locate the closest gym, the closest tanning booth, and the closest place to do laundry.  The Doctors all agreed that any iPhone App that promotes unhealthy behavior is not a good thing, and tanning salons are definitely bad for you.  Just because the guys on the Jersey Shore get paid $5 million a year to act like fools does not mean we should imitate that.  Even spray on tans are better for you than tanning salons which increase your risk of getting Melanoma and Skin Cancer.

Dr Lisa Masterson: Guilt Free Chocolate Fix

Dr Lisa Masterson put together a brilliant list of healthy chocolate options to get us through PMS or any other chocolate cravings we might have.  Here are some of her suggestions:

– Low-fat hot cocoa


– Low fat chocolate fudge popsicle bar

– Chocolate fudge soda

– Chocolate protein health bar

– Chocolate covered strawberries (my personal favorite!)

It has been shown that eating just one serving of dark chocolate can reduce your risk of having a stroke by 22% and it can help to lower blood pressure too.  If you make hot cocoa, consider mixing in your own dark chocolate.


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