The Doctors: Carly Fleischmann’s Autism Book “Carly’s Voice” Reviewed


Carly Fleischmann on The Doctors TV Show

Carly Fleischmann was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Her parents took her to the doctor when she was young because they had never heard her say a single word. She has not been able to speak for nearly 17 years. Her father said it was like living in complete havoc and he had no idea what his daughter thought of him. Did she love him? Did she hate him? He had no clue.

The Doctors: Carly Fleisher's Autism Book "Carly's Voice" Reviewed

The Doctors spoke with Carly Fleischmann about her book on Autism called “Carly’s Voice.”


How to Teach an Autistic Child to Talk

Carly Fleisher began receiving 40 to 60 hours a week of intensive rehab and therapy to help her find ways to communicate with other people, something she had been unable to do her entire life. After showing her many different picture cards and trying to get her to understand words and symbols, Carly wrote out the letter H-E-L on a piece of paper and then found the word help on a picture card. No one could believe their eyes. Not only could she understand the cards, she had been memorizing the spelling of the words on the card.

Autism Does Not Define Me, I Define Autism

The 11th grader, who goes to a normal high school, is accompanied by her therapist each day. She has even been hitting the internet, mostly Facebook and Twitter, trying to spread her message about autism. One of he comments of Facebook read “autism does not define me, I define autism.” The comment received over 100 likes on Facebook.

Carly’s Voice Review

“Carly’s Voice,” the book Carly wrote about Autism, goes in depth into what it means to be Autistic. An excerpt read on the show talked about the overabundance of stimulus surrounding Carly at all times making it difficult for her to discern which sound or movement she was suppose to be reacting to. In other words, she is unable to feel senses at different times, all her senses hit her at once.


“Carly’s Voice” seems like a really good read and a great way to learn about autism. Has anyone read the book yet? If so, how was it? I am really curious about what could be learned from it. Let me know what you think by commenting below.


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