The Doctors: Cardiac CT & 3D Angiogram Heart Disease Tests


The Doctors: Heart Disease Tests

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and every 25 seconds, an American has a coronary event. It causes about one death every minute, and many of these victims never have any symptoms until it’s too late.

Janet complained of heart palpitations and chest pressure, and she has a family history of heart disease, so she went to see Dr. John Kennedy, who can perform a new lifesaving test to check her risk for heart disease.


The Doctors Cardiac CT Scan

A new, highly accurate test can help you stop Heart Disease before it kills you.

The Doctors: Cardiac CT Scan Review

A new test called Cardiac CT is non-invasive, has low risks, and is very accurate, especially compared to treadmill tests. Dr. John Kennedy said the images of Janet’s CT would help him determine her course of treatment.

Dr. Travis Stork explained that Heart Disease is an umbrella for a variety of conditions. He showed how arteries branch out in the heart, and said that this causes High Blood Pressure, Enlarged Hearts, and eventually Heart Disease.


Am I At Risk For Heart Disease

If you have a family history of Heart Disease, check with your doctor about being screened for Heart Disease. For 50% of women with Heart Disease, they don’t know anything is wrong until that Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest.

Dr. Travis Stork said prevention is the key. Taking appropriate measures while your heart is healthy can prevent Heart Disease.

The Doctors: 3D Angiogram

Cardiac CT is an innovative and highly accurate new test that can detect Heart Disease early and safely. Dr. John Kennedy shared the results of Janet’s Cardiac CT and what it means for her.

First, he showed a 3D Angiogram of a heart with Heart Disease, which showed an hourglass shaped cinch in the artery, which causes chest pain or shortness of breath.

The Drs TV: Cardiac CT Results

Janet’s 3D Cardiac CT showed smooth, beautiful arteries. Dr. John Kennedy said they don’t show any blockages. But when he took a closer look at her right coronary artery, he found Plaque on the outside of the the blood vessels, which is the beginning of Heart Disease, which causes Heart Attacks. Dr. John Kennedy said this is a common cause of Heart Attacks, because it can lead to deadly blood clots.

The Doctors: How To Prevent Heart Disease

Janet’s results mean it’s time to get aggressive and prevent her Heart Disease from progressing. Possible courses of action to stave off Heart Disease include lowering cholesterol & blood pressure and managing blood sugar.

Other ways to treat Heart Disease include lowering your cholesterol and developing a regular exercise routine. Since many of these symptoms and indicators are silent, it’s important to check in with your doctor.

Dr. John Kennedy: Normal Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Dr. John Kennedy said that knowing five numbers about your health can save your life. A normal Blood Pressure is less than 130/80. Your Cholesterol level should be under 200, with LDL ideally below 100.

Your Blood Sugar Fasting level should be less than 100. Finally, your Body Mass Index or BMI should be below 19, and exercising regularly can help you change the course of your health.


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